New Mama Gift Box by Ora’s Amazing Herbal


New Mama Gift Box by Ora’s Amazing Herbal

All-natural artisanal lip balms, salves, powders and oils, in an array of scents for all skin types. Beautifully handcrafted, small batch.

Once a new baby comes, it completely engulfs a mom’s world.  It’s not about you anymore, it’s about keeping this new little person alive and happy in the world.  It’s awesome, it’s rewarding and…it’s also very draining.  New moms need extra special care and I personally like to give new mom gifts when baby’s come because the last thing on a mom’s mind during those first few weeks is usually not herself!

Ora’s Amazing Herbal is a small family business that was started by a mom whose child had severe eczema.  Ora created her very own salve which quickly grew popular with friends and family and she began making all sorts of natural and holistic solutions for others.  She has an amazing New Mama Gift Box that is perfect for any new mom’s in your life.  Not only does it provide nurturing for baby, it also has awesome items for new moms, too!  Perfect.  Each set includes a large Touchy Skin Salve, mini All Purpose Salve (it’s great for dry hands!), Vanilla and Unscented Lip Balms, and a Postpartum Balancer herbal tea made by Birth Partners.  It even comes complete with a stainless steel tea ball for easy steeping.  So sweet!  These make the best baby shower gifts or even just a special surprise for the mom once the baby arrives.  She won’t forget it!

Ora’s is PERFECT for gifts:  If you are looking for great stocking stuffers for the upcoming holiday season, be sure to check out Ora’s Body Powder and Lip Balms (especially Minty Cocoa – Yum!)

Ora’s Amazing Herbal products are all free of parabens, lanolin, petroleum, synthetics, gluten, grains and fragrances.  Products are not tested on animals.

New Mama Gift Box by Ora’s Amazing Herbal

List Price: $ 56.99


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