Goodbyn Gingham Expandable Lunch Kit + Food Containers


Goodbyn Gingham Expandable Lunch Kit + Food Containers

Food containers and accessories that are well-designed, easy to use and eliminate plastic bags. Eat well. Save money. Love Mother Earth. Use a Goodbyn

There are so many great lunch boxes and compartments so you can eliminate plastic bags from your child’s lunches forever!  A company called Goodbyn has expandable lunch kits with food containers to do just that.  The insulated bag doubles in capacity when expanded and the kits comes with a Salad/Sandwich container and Snacks container. We absolutely love the Snacks container that has two separate compartments that have one lid to make packing fast.  The boxes are leak proof with an interior mesh pocket that is easy to clean.  The handles are padded with a clasp and they can be carried either horizontally or vertically.

All Goodbyn lunchboxes are top-drawer dishwasher-safe (140°F) and are are BPA and phthalate-free.  The stickers (or patches that you can use to personalize) on the box are specially engineered by Goodbyn to be top-drawer dishwasher-safe and you can use them on any dishwasher-safe containers.  The Goodbyn lunchbox is freezer-safe. You can easily make your child’s lunch the night before and put it in the fridge overnight to keep it cool on its way to school. The boxes also contain two larger compartments for cold packs.  This is a cool looking lunch kit at a very reasonable price that are especially designed for kids in grades K-4, and they will last a long time.  Goodbyn ships anywhere in the continental United States!

Goodbyn Gingham Expandable Lunch Kit + Food Containers

List Price: $ 17.95

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