BouDe™ Dispenser & 42ct Wipes BouDe™ by Sterling Global Products, LLC


BouDe™ Dispenser & 42ct Wipes BouDe™ by Sterling Global Products, LLC

Hanging Flushable Wipe Dispenser

This goes to show that just because you think something is funny, it doesn’t mean it isn’t useful and great to use!  As you know, my husband’s name is BOB.  So, I see and get a lot of BOB items for him.  You’ve probably seen the t-shirts (Bob and Bob’s Wife), the coffee mugs and I even purchased a BOB puzzle that took us hours to put together.  I think it had the word BOB on it a million times!  So of course when I saw a product called “Bob’s Butt Wipes”, I immediately think “BINGO”, that’s my latest funny gift to give him.  Except one thing, safe, alcohol free, hypoallergenic formula flushable wipes aren’t exactly hilarious!

As any parent knows, baby wipes come in handy for a variety of reasons besides their intended purposes.  Oops!  A spill!  Nothing else handy?  Baby wipes!  Apparently, the creator of Bob’s Butt Wipes, Robert J. Delaney, III, also discovered that baby wipes were important tool that the subcontractors he worked with on construction sites in Louisiana would use, too.  However, his use of baby wipes had flaws.  The bad packaging for the wipes caused them to dry out easily (tell me about it!), so he came up with a plan to not only improve the packaging, but create a design that would make it even more useful as flushable wipes.  Bob created a toilet roll canister that easily hangs off your toilet roll dispenser and called them BouDe and the rest is history.  But, Bob didn’t stop there.  He then created wipe canisters for men, women and children; each with their own distinctive packaging and slight differences in the wipes.  Bob created a product that anyone can use and not feel embarrassed about purchasing baby wipes for their own personal use.  So, the joke is on me, because Bob’s hanging flushable wipe dispensers are the most fun and convenient way to keep flushable wipes right where your family needs them!

BWK Flushable Wipes for Kids


  • Using wipes ensures you are completely clean.
  • Sewer and Septic Friendly.
  • Installs in Seconds.
  • You will use less toilet paper – and save money.
  • Products helps prevent the spreading of germs.
  • Brands are environmentally friendly and the most affordable way to go, since you never have to buy another container.
  • Wipes are right where you need them – our dispenser hangs on most toilet paper holders.
  • Yes, and they are even Doctor recommended!

BWLFlushable Wipes with Aloe


Out of Wipes?  No problem!  42 Count Refill Packs are just $2.99!  You can purchase Bob’s BouDe Dispensers and Wipes locally in Louisiana or online at,,,, and of course through

BouDe™ Dispenser & 42ct Wipes BouDe™ by Sterling Global Products, LLC

List Price: $ 9.99


2 thoughts on “BouDe™ Dispenser & 42ct Wipes BouDe™ by Sterling Global Products, LLC

  1. I was real excited to buy this product. I couldn’t wait to get it home.
    I think it’s a great idea. I do have one suggestion. It would be great if it hung a few inches lower than the toilet paper. I find it a bit cumbersome, it just seems a bit to crammed together. Other than that, it’s a good product.
    Lynne Freeman

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