Papa’s Backpack (Hardcover) (Military Families)


Papa’s Backpack (Hardcover) (Military Families)

A tribute to the bond between a child and military parent.

“My Papa is a soldier, and sometimes soldiers go… / away for a while, to help for a while, so I can stay and play.” But wouldn’t it be fine to ride in Papa’s backpack, to be together all the time, “Me and my Papa, papa-papa-pa”?

If there is ever an emotional story about a child missing their parent while they are away on active military duty, it is this book, Papa’s Backpack.  Anytime a solider has to leave his or her family for extended service, it is emotional, and especially it can be confusing and upsetting for children.  Children rely on their parents for comfort and security so when they are not physically present, it is hard to keep that bond during long separations of deployment.

The young bear cub in this story dreams of being with his Papa while he is on his military mission.  He dreams of being able to be close and give his dad comfort and moral support and that they together could overcome any adversity together.  This story definitely brought a tear to my eye and it especially hits home that my husband is an Army Veteran and although we did not have children when he was on active duty, it helps me imagine how our young daughters would feel if they had to go through the experience.  This is a wonderful tribute to the sacrifices our military families face while serving their country.

Papa’s Backpack (Hardcover) (Military Families)

List Price: $ 15.99

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