Who Needs a Bath? (Hardcover)


Who Needs a Bath? (Hardcover)

Bear and Skunk return in this follow-up to author-illustrator Jeff Mack’s acclaimed Who Wants a Hug? Bear has a plan to throw Skunk a surprise birthday party, but shhh—it’s a secret! There’s just one problem—who wants to party with a stinky skunk?

We now have an official toddler in our household and this time around I can honestly say I understand when people mention the dreaded phrase, “the TERRIBLE Twos!”.  Brie is so sweet, kind, and caring – until you try and get her to do something she doesn’t want to do.  I think I have heard her say, “No, I don’t WANT it” about a million times in just the span of three months.  Ha!  This can be at dinnertime (No, I don’t want pasta!), nap time (No, I don’t want to sleep!) and even at bath time (No, I don’t want a bath!).  Usually when she actually does whatever it is she says she doesn’t want to do, she enjoys it and it is not uncommon for her to say afterwards, “No, I don’t want to get out of the bath”…..which really sounds like, “No, I don’t want out-of-baf”.  Having a toddler who is in the midst of this Terribe Two moment means many lessons for us on patience and some interesting techniques to try and convince Brie to do something because she will enjoy it.  This whole process is perfectly written and illustrated in Jeff Mack’s latest Bear and Skunk book called Who Needs A Bath?

It’s Skunk’s birthday and Bear wants to throw him a wonderful surprise party.  There is just one problem – Skunk stinks!  Bear thinks he has found the perfect solution to get Skunk to take a bath so that all the woodland animals would come without Skunk’s offending odor.  He will make bath time look FUN!  However, no matter what Bear does, Skunk is not convinced that taking a bath would be a blast.  Will Bear be able to get Skunk into the water or will his idea for a party turn into a real stinker?  Jeff Mack’s book is funny and cute and Bob and I can both relate to Bear’s dilemma. Our oldest, Brooke, laughed throughout the whole book and Brie has been saying, “Skunk needs baf” which we all find amusing.  Happy Reading!

If you want to check out more of Jeff’s books, he created the Clueless McGee series, Good News Bad News, Ah Ha!, and Frog and Fly.  You can also visit him online at www.jeffmack.com.

Who Needs a Bath? (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 17.99 (Currently on sale at Amazon.com for $ 13.62)

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