Bocandy is a Candy Subscription Box from Around the World


Bocandy is a Candy Subscription Box from Around the World

Starting at $11/month. With Free Shipping. Dang.

When Bob and I visited Germany a few years before we had kids, I had an item I wanted to get at every convenience store we went.  Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs.  I had heard so much about them and had never tried them and Bob and I were hooked.  I’m not sure if it was the chocolate itself or the fact that in each chocolate egg you would get a little toy.  You have to admit, combining chocolate and toys into one little product is pretty genius!  It’s fun to experience new foods in countries you visit, but not everyone can hop on a plane to try a new candy!  Well, I have a fun international candy subscription box that brings the goodies from all around the world right to your doorstep and it is called Bocandy!

I thought October would be the perfect month with Halloween right around the corner to talk about all things CANDY CANDY CANDY!  Bocandy monthly subscription box is all about candy that has gained frequent flier miles and it combines the love of travel with the love of something sweet.  It’s a unique box that gives recipients popular treat items from differing palates from different regions and it is fun to see the different packaging and ingredients.  The October box is especially fun since it includes a snack from Mumbai and the first snack featured from India!  For just $11 a month (and the list price of all the October contents totals $14.60), you get to travel the world’s candy stores in a very delicious box that comes right to your door.  Interested? Sign up now and get half off your first box!  Now that’s delicious!

October’s Bocandy’s Contents:


  • Kasugai Gummies x2 (Japan) $1.55 per candy = $3.10.  Yummy, fragrant gummies from Japan.
  • Parle Krack Jack (India) $2.50 Bocandy Exclusive!  Sweet and salty crackers from Mumbai. 
  • Salsaghetti (Mexico) $1.00  Mango gummies from Mexico.
  • Kanjers (Netherlands) $3.00  Tasty waffle cookies with caramel from the Netherlands.
  • Milka Chocowafer (Switzerland) $2.50  Milk chocolate wafers from Switzerland.
  • Flower Candy (Japan) $2.50  Citrus hard candy in pastel colors from Japan that helps cleanse the palate.

Total List Price of Box = $ 14.60

Happy Halloween, all you candy lovers out there!

Bocandy is a Candy Subscription Box from Around the World

List Price: $ 11.00 /month (Half-sized deal boxes are available!)

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