Twistshake Bottles for Babies


Twistshake Bottles for Babies

Twistshake is the safe baby bottle that reduces the stress of daily life.

My third pregnancy (my second ended in a miscarriage), I had the worst time.  Starting at 24 weeks, I was deemed ‘high risk’ with bi-weekly then eventually weekly check-ins with maternal fetal medicine on top of pediatrician appointments, issues with my endocrine system on top of having gestational diabetes.  Little Brie was just not growing.  Luckily, she arrived safely after a long labor with no C-section (my one time of celebrating after a long pregnancy) on September 11.  I was exhausted and my body was completely out of whack.  Due to medications I was on, my nursing and pumping I had previously enjoyed with my first born was not an option.  I struggled with the resentment I felt with my failing body and turned to ways to make formula feeding a normal part of my routine.  I’m not going to lie, I felt ashamed as I made up her bottles and that is something no mother should have to feel.  We feed our babies the best we can and with work, medical issues, and lack of support, bottle feeding mothers need all the help they can get – and NOT judgment.

Thankfully, many companies realize these issues and I was shocked to find so many wonderful baby bottles that make feeding simple.  While in the perfect world, bottles are used in conjunction with regular breastfeeding, but in the event bottle feeding is your only option, I think you will be happy to hear about a company called Twistshake that has a practical and simple bottle feeding system to use.  Every Twistshake contains a practical powder container as well as a mixing net, since we all know powder formula is cheaper and thus more accessible to many families. The unique system TwistFlow actively reduce baby colic and ensures an even flow. The bottle has a wide neck, making it easy to clean. with a grip-friendly design that retains heat.  My favorite part of the bottle is the mixer net that easily dissolves formula clumps and the plastic is BPA free.  There is even a powder storage container so you can take these bottles on-the-go!  For those who are dealing with colic (guilty!) the anti-colic valve helps reduce baby colic and the bottle has an extra wide neck for easy clean-up.  I support all mothers who feed their children from breastmilk to formula and it is nice to know products like Twistshake take the hassle out of an already time-consuming, expensive, and at times, embarrassing situations for new moms.  I salute you!

  • BPA-free – safe for both your baby and yourself
  • PP-plastic – manufactured in premium, high quality polypropylene
  • Teat – made from silicon, S (0 + month) included
  • Mixer net – actively dissolves clumps
  • Anti-colic valve – reduce baby colic
  • Powder box – prepare your meal at home and store it in the practical powder box
  • Extra wide neck – the wide neck makes both refills and clean-up an easy task
  • Ergonomically designed – grip-friendly, for both parent and child


  • Rinse the bottle in water immediately after use to make clean-up even easier
  • If the liquid is heated in the bottle, the teat and the lid must be removed

Twistshake Bottles for Babies

List Price: 8.90 €


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