Sleeveless Bomber Jacket by Electrik Kidz


Sleeveless Bomber Jacket by Electrik Kidz

 Electrik Kidz, the brand that makes you want to make babies!

Yes, it is FALL, so it’s official ‘jacket’ weather.  This is my husband’s favorite time of the year because he likes layering clothes.  I am not embarrassed to say that having a husband who loves fashion and having two girls together is really what got me interested in what we were wearing.  I was one of those people that did not care if I wore a brown belt with black shoes – which is apparently like wearing white after Labor Day.  Gasp!  The horror!  While I am usually a hit or miss myself in ‘the world o’ fashion’ (which is definitely tied to how busy I am), Bob and I do like to make sure our kiddos are wearing cool clothes.

Electrik Kidz began in 2010 after a stylish and creative mother received many compliments regarding the triangular pieces of fabric tied around her baby boy’s neck in place of a bib. You may remember that this design became known as the ‘Baby Bandana’ which became a huge must-have bib for all the baby fashionistas in the world.  This signature piece is known today as the flagship model of the brand and was the first step towards whole collections of crafty pieces of clothing for kids and their young-at-heart parents.

Electrik Kidz is now known as an edgy and clever clothing brand from Montreal that specializes in accessories for kids aged from 0 to 5 years old. It gets its inspiration from the childhood of a new generation of parents to offer a new style of products for kids that pleases toddlers and adults. Electrik Kidz clothing and accessories mix up nostalgia and modern ideas by revisiting classic patterns and cuts, by using ethical fabric of high quality, and by creating clever designs.  Electrik Kidz is also on a mission to minimize the clothing industries impact on the environment.  They only use organic cotton and other ethical materials (recycled, fair trade, natural or locally processed) as well as designers’ end of batch fabrics.  All silk screening is done by hand and is made with eco-friendly water-based ink by suppliers of fabric in North America.  Impressive!

Red Jacket  Red Sleeveless Bomber Jacket

Electrik Kidz 2015 Collection includes this adorable Vintage Scout Jacket and Red Bomber jacket which is perfect for the upcoming months.  The Red Bomber jacket looks adorable on Brie.  To check out their entire catalog check out this link HERE. Electrik Kidz is also coming out with their new Winter 2015 Collection very soon, so be sure to check out their new catalog HERE for their brand new hip designs for your little ones.  For an oldie but goodie, you must check out the Electrik Kidz’ Mermaid Sleep Sack (a night gown with mitts and bottom tie) that won the first prize in the Baby + Child Best New Product category at the Summer 2013 New York Now Show.  Adorable for any baby and perfect for a wonderful Halloween costume or a fun photo prop for your little one!  Stylin’!

Sleeveless Bomber Jacket by Electrik Kidz

List Price: $ 59.99


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