Vampire’s Muse Bat Masquerade Mask by Plasticland


Vampire’s Muse Bat Masquerade Mask by Plasticland

Purveyors of Kitsch Curiosities & Retro Clothing Since 2002  Mod, Punk, Goth, Vintage & Steampunk Inspired Styles.

I’ve made it no secret that I love Halloween.  When I think of happy memories from my childhood they all seem to center around the end of October.  It’s the makings of a great thriller movie experience; the suspense, the mystery, the costumes, the surprises and…..the candy.  My mom was forward thinking enough to have our very own costume trunk that we could literally dress up all year round, but around Halloween all of our plastic dollar store masks would hang on our walls to be taken down on any given whim.  We could be Batman, Nixon, My Little Pony or the Hulk at any minute of the day and the neighborhood kids would flock to our house to play dress up.  It was spectacular.

I had to follow-up the dress-up tradition in our household and while the kiddos and I spend a lot of time in our own land o’ make believe, it is Halloween where we really let our freak flags fly.  Dressing up is like our own personal art form and when I learned about the Plasticland’s online masquerade masks especially made for Halloween, I knew it would be perfect for us.  First, it features the very Austin-esque bat and is made of silky black embroidered lace that makes it an elegant form fitting soft mask for even the most hesitant of Halloween goers.  It’s an alluring look that is a must for a ‘gorgeous’ Vamp and each side can be tied securely in the back so it really is a one size fits all.  Check out some more Plasticland accessories to complete the look or feel confident in this mask to at least make a reasonable Halloween dress-up effort.  Your kiddos and trick-or-treaters will appreciate it!


  • One size fits most
  • Bat measures 9″ x 3.5″ tall
  • Embroidered Fabric
  • Adjustable Lace Ties

Vampire’s Muse Bat Masquerade Mask by Plasticland

List Price: $ 9.50

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