Review of Winnie the Pooh at the ZACH Theatre (Local Austin, TX, Family Events)


Review of Winnie the Pooh at the ZACH Theatre (Local Austin, TX, Family Events)

“The city’s liveliest and most polished professional theater.” – The Statesman

Zach-Winnie-1612  Will Cleveland as Winnie the Pooh

IMG_6211   Brooke posed as Winnie the Pooh in the lobby

IMG_6213  Brie sitting in her seat ‘reading’ the brochure!

My family and I were lucky enough to get tickets to see a LIVE performance of Winnie the Pooh at the Austin’s ZACH Theatre on Sunday September 20, 2015.  I love Winnie the Pooh and so does my daughter.  We probably sing the Winnie the Pooh theme song (from the animated film The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh from 1977) several times a day and she knows all the words.  She has three Pooh dolls going from a mini one to one that is half the size of her arms.  She calls them her ‘Three Poohs’ and when she was about three she decided that she couldn’t go to bed without them and their honey pots so they could drink during the night.  It was so adorable.

IMG_6221  At intermission, the kids were able to check out the stage

While she is two years older now, we still love reading her and her new little sister the Winnie the Pooh books with their understated humor.  Pooh Bear has such a nice carefree attitude for an admitted bear with a very little brain.  You can actually easily see people you know in each character from the grumpy depressed Eeyore to the nervous rabbit to the show-off Tigger and the smarter-than-he-thinks Owl.  Yes, Winnie the Pooh is fun because Pooh Bear is the silly old bear glue that keeps them all together while Christopher Robin jumps in on occasion when things go immensely awry.  To see a theater production on such a family-loved cast of characters was a fun way to incorporate these lovely and loved children’s book characters into a fun-filled family event that your child is sure to love.

Zach-Winnie-1069  Will Cleveland as Winnie the Pooh and J. Quinton Johnson as Christopher Robin

Zach-Winnie-1144  Will Cleveland as Winnie the Pooh, J. Quinton Johnson as Rabbit, and Sara Burke as Piglet

Zach-Winnie-1495   Sara Burke as Owl

In the live version of the Winnie-the-Pooh play at Austin’s very own ZACH Theatre, Winnie finds himself involved in all sorts of frantic adventures especially when Eeyore loses his tail (oh no!), assisted by such friends as the dismal Eeyore, Piglet, and Rabbit. Pooh’s intentions are always the best, but his passion for honey keeps getting him into trouble. The seating was awesome (I don’t think there is a bad seat in the house of the Kleberg Theatre that seats a whooping 230 people!), the characters were adorable, and it was a wonderful way to introduce our daughters to live theater.  It doesn’t get more entertaining than that for family fun in Austin.  My toddler had no problem sitting still and my oldest laughed out loud during most of the production (appropriately, of course)!  Come see A.A. Milne’s beloved characters in this charming musical adaptation.  Quick tips:  Get snacks and stand up and move around during intermission if you bring young children.  It’s a great way to keep them focused.  Come see the show, Austinites! You won’t be sorry!

Zach-Winnie-1446  Sara Burke as Piglet and Russel Taylor as Eeyore

About Winnie the Pooh:  Winnie-the-Pooh (the hyphens were later dropped thanks to Disney) was created by A.A. Milne (1882–1956), a successful English playwright after his son’s toy bear.  His son, Christopher Robin Milne (who was never a fan of being in the public eye), and his animal friends were the subject of many of his father’s stories and the first mention of his favorite bear (originally named Edward) was mentioned in a poetry book When We Were Very Young in 1924.  Winnie-the-Pooh (sans the red shirt) first appeared under that name in a newspaper story in 1925 in a London newspaper.  By 1931, Winnie the Pooh was a $50 million dollar a year business (think of that!) and the character has been licensed to Disney after Milne’s death in 1961.  Be sure to check out all of the original Milne books which capture his amazing skills as a writer; When We Were Very Young (1924), Winnie-the-Pooh (1926), Now We Are Six (1927) and The House at Pooh Corner (1928).

Zach-Winnie-0989  The cast of Winnie the Pooh

IMG_6229 IMG_6235  It’s worth mentioning that there was a petting zoo outside the theater after the show was over.  The kiddos were so excited!

Plan Your Trip! 

Here are a few things to note:

  • ZACH Theatre does offer drinks and snacks (including alcoholic beverages).
  • ATMS are not available on site so plan accordingly.
  • There is no specific dress code, but business casual is appreciate.
  • While children’s shows are for kids and their families, they do prohibit infants from attending their Mainstage productions to avoid distractions.
  • ZACH is fully handicap accessible and compliant.
  • The Kleberg Stage (where Winnie the Pooh takes place) is located at 1421 W Riverside Drive, Austin, TX 78704.

The ZACH campus features three theaters each with differing seating configurations and excellent sight lines, so check your ticket to make sure you know the correct location: 

  • Topfer Theater: a 420-seat proscenium stage in which the seating fans around the stage in an arc, much like movie theater stadium-style seating.
  • Kleberg Theatre: a 230-seat thrust stage, with the audience seated on three sides
  • Whisenhunt Theatre: a 130-seat arena stage, also known as a theater-in-the-round.

Parking at ZACH Theatre:

In addition to nearby street parking on Toomey Road, Sterzing Street, Lee Barton Drive, Riverside Drive, and Jessie and Butler Streets (see map here), parking for ZACH patrons attending a performance is also available at ZACH’s Whisenhunt Theatre, at ZACH’s Topfer Theatre, behind the Parks and Recreation Department at night and on Sundays, and at The Bicycle Shop just south of Barton Springs and Lamar by McDonald’s.

Winnie the Pooh Performance Schedule:

  • Sat 9/26/15 2:00PM
  • Sun 9/27/15 2:00PM
  • Sat 10/17/15 2:00PM
  • Sun 10/18/15 2:00PM
  • Sat 10/24/15 2:00PM
  • Sun 10/25/15 2:00PM
  • Sat 10/31/15 11:00AM
  • Sat 10/31/15 2:00PM
  • Sun 11/1/15 2:00PM
  • Sat 11/7/15 11:00AM
  • Sat 11/7/15 2:00PM
  • Sun 11/8/15 2:00PM
  • Sat 11/14/15 11:00AM
  • Sat 11/14/15 2:00PM
  • Sun 11/15/15 2:00PM
  • Sat 11/21/15 11:00AM
  • Sat 11/21/15 2:00PM
  • Sun 11/22/15 2:00PM
  • Fri 11/27/15 2:00PM
  • Sun 11/29/15 4:30PM
  • Sat 12/5/15 11:00AM
  • Sat 12/12/15 11:00AM

About the ZACH Theatre:  Located at 1510 Toomey Road – Austin, TX 78704 (Phone (512) 476-0541), the ZACH Theatre is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization located in Austin,Texas.  

Support the ZACH Theatre!

ZACH Theatre - Sources of Support

ZACH thrives and prospers with support from patrons like you. Be a part of our cast of generous individual donors, family foundations, corporate sponsors and volunteers. It’s easy to donate your time, resources and ideas to make a difference at ZACH. Join us for our fantastic special events, exclusive behind-the-scenes opportunities and opening night celebrations as you support artistic excellence on our stages and valuable arts educational programming in our community.  Learn more about how you can donate HERE.

Review of Winnie the Pooh at the ZACH Theatre (Local Austin, TX, Family Events)

List Price: $15.00 (Youth) – $20.00 (Adult)

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