New read-along books & app for children by Baby’s Brilliant


New read-along books & app for children by Baby’s Brilliant

Entertaining and educational videos and classical recordings for babies & toddlers. iPhone & iPad apps.

Technology is everywhere.  You can’t escape it.  Children are absorbed in electronics and it can be a wonderful way for learning.  So instead of feeling the guilt of kids using of too much technology or worry children are accidentally accessing inappropriate content, there is an answer to educational tools that provide wholesome content from a company called Baby’s Brilliant.






Parents can take a well-deserved break without the nagging guilt with two new read-along books for the Baby’sBrilliant app. Each book provides wonderful, educational content to children so you can stop worrying about handing over your smartphone. The Baby’s Brilliant app is available for FREE download on the iTunes store.






Children can meet Nigel the Pug, an adorable pup that  your young ones will want to hug and cuddle immediately. Your son or daughter will hang on every word as they are taken on a sweet journey with this loveable pug who will delight and entertain your little ones.








A Huggly-Wuggly-Pug is another sweet book about a cute pug who goes about his day looking for Huggly-Wuggly hugs. Children will laugh as they read about the fun mischief this dog gets into — watch out they don’t leave their shoes around or they might be chewed by this adorable dog!

The new newBaby’s Brilliant app!  Both books are part the Baby’s Brilliant new read-along series that offers books in a video format. Available through the newBaby’s Brilliant app — that also features music, books, night lights and interactive soundboards — the stories are narrated by a mother of two, lightly orchestrated and presented at a comfortable pace for children to enjoy.

As an additional service, Baby’s Brilliant offers parents on the road, grandparents in another town or loved ones who don’t live nearby, the ability to record their own voice reading the story. For a small fee, the Baby’s Brilliant team will edit their voice into the presentation. This is perfect for the upcoming holiday season – and a heartwarming gift for any child with a family member who is in the military or away from home.

New read-along books & app for children by Baby’s Brilliant

List Price: $ 7.00 (paperback) and $.99 (Kindle Edition)

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