Smoobee Hair Brush with Gem Stickers (Pre-K+)


Smoobee Hair Brush (Pre-K+)

Magic No Cry Brush

As much as I will my daughter to stop growing up so fast, I apparently have no magical powers.  Her new mantra of ‘I can do it, mom!’ can be heard several times a day.  I got used to helping and it is a hard habit to break.  I can’t wrap her in bubble wrap or keep her on a leash as much as I sometimes want to try, so I have to bite my tongue and let her go do her age appropriate activities without my interference.  My daughter’s rebellious nature (hmmm..I do wonder where she gets it….) goes in all aspects of her life especially when it comes to fashion and hair.  She has wavy bordering on curly hair so it needs special attention.  Her dad and I have been used to using conditioner, detanglers and special brushes on her since she starting getting hair and she now ‘wants to do it’ as we take a backseat and grin and bear it.  While we have an awesome detangling brush we use, she is now interested in one with a handle that she can make ‘cute’.  It did not take much research to find the Smoobee brush which insists it is a magic no cry brush which is perfect for us.

Smoobee makes the drama go away when it comes to brushing hair. Constructed of strong and durable wood, this ingenious brush effectively brushes through straight, wavy or curly hair without snagging or catching. And with a sheet of gorgeous gem stickers, kids can bedazzle their brushes for a pretty personalized piece.

  • 22 cm H x 6.5 cm L x 4 cm W
  • Stickers recommended for ages 4 and up
  • Gem Stickers – 52 pieces

The Smoobee Hair Brush comes in four different color collections with decorating stickers for your little fashionista.  Brooke is in to most things purple, but since she is in to ALL THINGS Frozen, she wanted to Frozen Blue collection which was right up her alley.  The brush itself is wooden and the bristles are spread apart to effectively comb through all types of hair from straight to extra curly without snagging.  The most fun?  The brush comes with ‘bedazzling’ stickers for personalization.  The purplelicious brush collection has four different stickers to choose from or just a plain brush for a small discount.  Brooke loved the Rainbow Flower Gem Stickers and had no problem decorating the entire brush with the 52 stickers in no time flat.  She is happy she has a big girl brush she can use and we are happy she is getting more independent despite ourselves.

Smoobee Hair Brush (Pre-K+)

List Price: $ 20.00

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