Nalgene Grip-n-Gulp Water Bottle – 3 Pack (Back to School)


Nalgene Grip-n-Gulp Water Bottle – 3 Pack (Back to School)

The NALGENE Grip ’n Gulp™ is tough enough to survive being thrown from a moving minivan, spillproof enough to compel parents to blame the rug stains on the dog, and odorproof enough to allow leftover milk to go undetected under the couch for months.

There are so many ‘back to school items’ to get and, interestingly, the one that has been really important for both my kindergartener and newly-minted PRESCHOOLER (wow!) is a water bottle.  Both of my daughters need water bottles for their schools and it has been so helpful to have one for each girl in their commute to and from school.  Nalgene is the leading brand in the reusable bottle and container industry and we have been impressed with their selection and combination packs that are awesome for all ages.

Nalgene has three types of water bottles that are perfect for my family’s needs.  The one Brooke uses is called the Nalgene’s Kid’s On The Fly bottle that comes in a 12 oz. container.  Our youngest loves her 12 ounce Grip N’ Gulp bottle that is a cross between a sippy cup and water bottle that is awesome for her car commutes so she doesn’t spill.  Bob and I use the Nalgene 24 ounce (Adult) On The Fly bottles that are a life-saver in the car for both us and our girls.  We love that the bottles have a nice rubberized lid with very smooth mouthpieces for comfortable drinking.  The Grip N’ Gulp includes side indents for tiny hands to easily grasp and the bottles have wide-mouth closures while being great at not spilling.  The bottles have removable cups, lids, and sipper valves that are all top rack dishwasher safe and BPA-free.  Nalgene has us covered in the water bottle category for the school year!  With all the colors and designs available, you can find the perfect bottle to fit everyone’s needs in your family.  Awesome!

Tip!  Check out for special rates on their Nalgene combination packs for a great discount!

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  • 12 ounce Kid’s On The Fly bottles
  • 12 ounce Grip N’ Gulp bottles
  • 24 ounce (Adult) On The Fly bottles

Nalgene Grip-n-Gulp Water Bottle – 3 Pack (Back to School)

List Price: $ 27.80 (On the Fly 3-Pack)

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