Bridges and Tunnels Investigate Feats of Engineering with 25 Projects (Hardcover, Age 9+)



Bridges and Tunnels Investigate Feats of Engineering with 25 Projects (Hardcover, Age 9+)

Explore the amazing history and engineering triumphs of the Golden Gate Bridge

I have a lot of irrational fears, including heights, but I have conquered them throughout my life including jumping off bridges as a kid and investigating the tunnels under our city.  I wouldn’t recommend doing that at all, in fact, it is quite dangerous and I’d never let my daughter do it – if I knew!  But, in the cities I grew up, rivers and underground tunnels (which some were probably part of The Underground Railroad since Ohio-where I lived-was a free state during the Civil War and the SE side where I grew up bordered West Virginia) were the norm as were bridges and abandoned train bridges and old covered bridges were the best to jump into water.  All the kids did it, so I did, too.

I loved it!

It didn’t love me, though.  Plagued with inner ear problems, a problematic ear infection and one of our friend’s diagnosis of e.Coli from the Ohio River, which is quite polluted, stopped the bridge jumping.  The tunnels became less interesting as we got older and we had other things to do.  But, it was a huge part of my childhood and one that I remember fondly.  I love being around water and bridges and a book that covered its history for kids was right up my family’s alley!

As Nomad Press states, ‘Bridges and tunnels are lifelines.’ Oh, so true! Their new book, Bridges and Tunnels, focuses on the amazing history and triumphs of engineering of the Golden Gate bridge. It is quite a fascinating read as well as being a great book that supports STEM. The book discusses why the engineer, Joseph S. Strauss was so concerned about safety when designing the Golden Gate due to the high levels of earthquakes in the San Francisco area. Can you build a bridge that could withstand an earthquake? GULP! This is a fantastic read that does focus on the importance of math and a small look into the world of engineering. Two thumbs up!

Did you know?  On May 27, 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge first opened to the public!

Check it out!  Here is a cool supplemental educational activity on seismology!

About Nomad Press: Nomad Press is a Vermont publisher that is focused on educational interests for young children.  Nomad is interested in engaging children through interactive projects and exploring history and science behind many intriguing topics. Check out the great Nomad Blog for some fun projects to do with your kids!

Bridges and Tunnels Investigate Feats of Engineering with 25 Projects (Hardcover, Age 9+)

List Price: $ 15.95

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