Blue Splash Unitard (For Little Dancers)


Blue Splash Unitard (For Little Dancers)

We Love Colors also offers Leotards, Unitards and other Dancewear in impossible to find colors!

As a shy kid, I stayed away from flashy colors with one exception; my two year stint in dance class.  If you remember from my past post here, my dancing days were numbered due to shyness in dancing in front of others, but I loved dance costumes.  It’s super cool that my oldest daughter loves dance.  She likes being in the spotlight and she LOVES cute costumes.  She attends The Little Gym classes for gymnastics and soon will start a dance class that crosses many types of dance including ballet, tap and mixed with gymnastics.  Try finding outfits that work with all three!  Well, I did, and they are BEAUTIFUL if you LOVE COLORS.

The Splash Unitards from We Love Colors are perfect dancewear in kid sizes 4-14.  They are so precious and the Blue Splash Unitard was the one Brooke loved the most – she loves the color blue (like her eyes, she says…)  They are stretchy and comfortable nylon and considering the company is in FL, you know that even our weather here in TX is perfect for this dancewear year round.  The Splash Unitard comes in seven crazy-(as they say on their website, ‘impossible to fine) colorful designs and if I didn’t know any better, I’d say this screams AUSTIN all over it with our colorful people and designs in our city.  Highly recommended for all your little dancers!

KAW  Remember this?  Right? Colors are our ‘friend’!  (Cite Image: Outhouse Designs)


Check it out!  We Love Colors is not just limited to dancewear!  It offers colorful clothing options (some with SPF 50) for women, men and children from leggings to tights!  Be sure to look into their 6 dollar headbands which are perfect for Brooke’s hair…and I can wear it, too!  Score.  It is so comfy and beautiful.

  Proudly Made in the U.S.A!

Blue Splash Unitard (For Little Dancers)

List Price: $ 55.00

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