Mighty Shield Bug Lotion and Sunny Sunscreen by Babytime! by Episencial‏

Might Shield Sunny Sunscreen

Mighty Shield Bug Lotion and Sunny Sunscreen by Babytime! by Episencial

Episencial skin care system is safe for newborns and good for the planet

Are you ready for sunny weather care for your babies skin?  I have the perfect combination of lotion and sunscreen just for you!

Want what Episencial calls the ultimate outdoor skin protection for babies?  The company’s two products Mighty Shield and Sunny Sunscreen can be used alone or together to create great all-natural skin care for your little ones during the warm months.  These products are all-natural, smell great and work.

Natural effectiveness of 20% DEET

Might Shield Bug Lotion is an all natural bug repellent that has 20% natural effectiveness of DEET.  The blend of plant nectars and essential oils-especially lemongrass- gives this lotion a nice citrus flavor.  With the weather already hitting higher temps in Austin, this is a great product right now!

UVA/UVB protection, water resistant 80 mins

Babies need sun shields and SPF protection for their sensitive skin.  Sunny Sunscreen has SPF of 35 that has both UVA/UVB protection against the sun’s harmful rays.  Sunny Sunscreen is also great for the pool since it offers up to 80 minutes for water resistance.  It smells great and has ingredients like aloe, organic tea tree and zinc.

While these are great products to use individually, I really like the skin protection both of these products offer together.  Perhaps Episencial will come up with a Sunny Bug Lotion combo in the future just for us!  In the interim, this is a great effective way to protect your baby’s skin during this time of the year.  Keep it or some handy in your diaper bag for re-applications!

Learn More About Baby Allergies!  See Baby Allergies 101 by Babytime!

New Packaging!  Here is a SNEAK PEEK at Babytime! by Episencial’s brand new packaging!

New Packagin

Mighty Shield Bug Lotion and Sunny Sunscreen by Babytime! by Episencial‏


List Price: $12.49 (Mighty Shield) & $ 14.99 (Sunny Sunscreen)

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