Garbage (Hardcover, Age 9+)


Garbage (Hardcover, Age 9+)

Investigate What Happens When You Throw It Out with 25 Projects

I was probably always pretty aware of garbage and junk.  My dad liked to go to the junk yard to find things for items he was re-finishing or parts for his car when I was little.  He did a long commute in the back country roads and he seemed to crack a lot of windshields from big trucks kicking back gravel.  “Why pay for a windshield when you could get one from the dump?” he would tell me.  This is the same man who tried to convince me to be a garbage man for great benefits, so I’m not quite sure how sound his advice is on most things, but he certainly has saved quite a bit of money by reusing things people considered garbage.  While I may have been slightly embarrassed by it as a pre-teen, I was mostly on board with this lifestyle by high school and now I have a deep appreciation of reduce, reuse, recycle—and rethink our actions.

In the new Nomad Press Book, Garbage, children will learn about choices we make as humans to generate garbage, the three big R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle), the science of garbology (yes, it is true, there is a science) and investigating the world ‘o trash.  We have a waste problem in the world and this is a great book to give kids a tool to learn how we can combat against our waste together.  Oh, the 25 activities in this book are interesting and fun.  We really liked the activity on how to make all natural fragrant herbal shampoo from dried lavender flowers and fresh mint leaves.  Very cool!

Activity!  Here is an activity from Nomad Press on how to simulate water pollution in our water sources.

About Nomad Press: Nomad Press is a Vermont publisher that is focused on educational interests for young children.  Nomad is interested in engaging children through interactive projects and exploring history and science behind many intriguing topics. Check out the great Nomad Blog for some fun projects to do with your kids!

Happy Earth Day!  Tuesday, April 22, 2014!

Garbage (Hardcover, Age 9+)

List Price: $16.95

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