Picture Cube Puzzles (Age 2+)

Picture Cubes

Picture Cube Puzzles (Age 2+)

A Child’s Work is Play!

ROMP is just one of those child’s stores that just has it RIGHT.  It began in Brooklyn in 2005 and has been an e-commerce site since 2008 and their inventory has certainly garnered a lot of attention.  One of my obsessions is wooden toys and there is an abundance of them at ROMP.  My dad is a novice woodworker that started out of, well, cheapness and necessity to refinish picking finds in Ohio.  He has turned it into quite a passion and is very skilled at it and, as soon as he finishes his workshop, you better believe we have requests!  In the interim, I look to places like ROMP to fill in these beautiful heirloom toys that develop and challenge a child’s brain to use their imagination.  The Picture Cube Puzzles are just the kind of that fits that bill.

Picture Cube Puzzles made in Switzerland are two and three dimensional wooden puzzle for children to be inspired.  Each up in 1 ½” squares with beautifully painted pictures.  They also include a cute little painted wood case so they are excellent for easy transport to keep the kiddos busy in places like – oh, say a restaurant or the car.  The four cube puzzles are perfect for the age two and up crowd while the more complicated six cube puzzles are wonderful for children up to age five.  Live, Love, Learn and Play.  Let’s inspire that natural creativity and curiosity in our kids with treasures like this.

Picture Cube Puzzles (Age 2+)


List Price: $ 32.00 (for the four cube puzzle with case)

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