Product Review: High Dive CD by Bill Harley (All Ages) *Grammy Nominee*

High Dive

Product Review:  High Dive CD by Bill Harley (All Ages) *Grammy Nominee*

“Witty, folksy, and very fun” Children’s Bookwatch

Would you believe me if I said I was related to a Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award Winner for folk music and activism?  It’s true (not that it ever helped me with my talent – oh well)!  I bring this up because it is Grammy season and the 2013 Grammy Award nominations (including children’s music) have just been announced!  I was so excited to see Elizabeth Mitchell on the list (I love her!) and had a chance to review three others for my readers.  I am just as excited to listen and write these reviews as (hopefully) you are to read them.  Being a Grammy-nominated musician is a huge achievement and although only one winner can be announced, it’s still a big honor to be included on this select few list.  I am taking the time to spend the next three days posting on three of the five nominees for Best Children’s Album for 2012 (Grammy Awards 2013 is set for February 10, 2013!) and I hope you come join me on the ride.

High Dive CD by Bill Harley is a wonderful songwriting collection of stories of childhood.  If you remember going to the pool, taking field trips and having a Valentine’s Day disaster or two than you will love to reminisce and involve your kids in the stories of being young.  I especially love the song “High Dive” which I relate to quite well when our first community pool opened when I was around seven years old.  Each child tried to one up the other doing cannonballs and other made-up jumps like the ‘Kamikaze’ and (my favorite) ‘the Nutcracker Suite’ (which I somehow think that name was directed more towards the boys than girls).  I was quite the tomboy and always matched my high dive friends even with my terrifying fear of heights.  Bill’s honesty of his misadventures and hilarious antics is truly refreshing.  He even includes a 30 minute song about his friend Glen who may not have been the best influence and how their field trip became the stuff of legend.  Didn’t we all have a friend like that?  While this album is geared towards middle school children, all ages will enjoy this happy CD filled with great memories that most of us will relate.

Track Listing

  1. It Could Have Happened
  2. High Dive
  3. Interlude
  4. Field Trip
  5. Interlude
  6. Monster Valentine
  7. Interlude

High Dive CD by Bill Harley (All Ages) *Grammy Nominee*

List Price:  $ 8.99 (MP3 Download)

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