Product Review: Disney 3D Fireworks Light Show Launcher (Age 5+)

Disney FireworksDisney Fireworks 2

Product Review: Disney 3D Fireworks Light Show Launcher (Age 5+)

Incredible Fireworks Light Show Launcher with Disney Characters!

I admit it.  I’m a Disney fanatic.  My grandpa had a collection of recorded VHS tapes and during holiday events; I’d sit in the little room with the grandfather clock and watch every single Disney cartoon ever made.  I’d sometimes sit and watch for an entire day straight.  I’ve never owned a Disney toy or video (except the ones my mom sends Brooke now) and I’ve never been to Disney World or Disney Land, but I still think of myself as a huge Disney fan.  Walt Disney fascinated me (read a bio on him sometime!), the way he opened up to the camera and created a world much beyond our own was so awe-inspiring.  Where inanimate things came to life and you were never surprised by a talking tree or animals that saved the world.  I have to admit I have to reacquaint myself with a lot of the Classics since it has been so long and then I really haven’t kept up with any of the new movies after 1993, but soon enough I think Brooke will fall in love with Disney as much as I had when I was young.  There is no better way to get Brooke interested in something than by showing her something in LIGHTS!

The Disney 3D Fireworks Light Show Launcher takes the very popular Uncle Milton’s Fireworks Light Show in My Room and adds a twist of Disney.  Kids get to do their own age appropriate Pink Floyd light show in their room featuring Disney Characters instead of Pigs and weird Shining Balls of Light.  It even comes with cool 3D glasses to make the laser light show that much more tripped out!  The Light Show contains eight different Disney characters including Cars, Toy Story, The Lion King, and Peter Pan as well as the Disney Princesses and Minnie and Mickey.  If you remember those image disc sliders from your youth except add in firework sound effects you will get an idea.  Now that is cool!  Plus my daughter and husband love to play with this toy together (she calls it the ‘helicopter lights’ toy..? I assume that name comes from the sound effects!) which is too adorable.  3 AA batteries are required.

Check it out!  Here is a Youtube video on how the Disney 3D Fireworks Light Show Launcher works!

Disney 3D Fireworks Light Show Launcher (Age 5+)

List Price:  $ 29.95 (Currently $22.49 through Toys R

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