Product Review: Kids Seeded Thank You Cards/10 pack

Product Review:  Kids Seeded Thank You Cards

Of the Earth.  Recycled Paper.  Seeds.  Vegetables.  Flowers. 

I am a snail mail thank you card writer.  I admit, it started as a chore.  As a child, my mom told us we had to send thank you cards each time we received a gift or someone did something nice and somewhere along the way I ran with it.  I could not even tell you how many cards I have written, but I imagine that the aggregate amount has to be somewhere in the thousands.  It is funny that I don’t remember because I learned as an adult that some people who received my cards never forgot.  When my beloved great aunt Flossie passed away, I got to see every single one of the thank you cards I wrote her over the years and it really touched me.  My silly ramblings about school or a special book I was reading were weaved in to my childhood thank you notes and she cared enough to keep all of them.  I am passing the thank you note tradition to my daughter, who may see it as a chore when she is young, but I hope someday she will be as fortunate as me to see how those little pieces of scribbled paper could mean a lot to the receiver.  I could not believe my luck when I ran in to these very special thank you cards for kids that are not only made from renewable resources, they are plantable!

Kids Seeded Thank You Cards come in a 10-pack of 6″ x 9″ folding cards and envelopes printed on Lotka paper embedded with wildflower seeds.  The adorable drawing on the front of the card (I love the bee!) is by the Of the Earth founders’ son, Asher.  Wildflower seeds include Spurred Snapdragon,Tussock Bellflower, Creeping Thyme, Lilac Godetia, Foxglove, Catchfly, Monkeyflower, English Daisy, Red Corn Poppy and Showy Evening Primrose that need a minimum of four hours of daily direct sunlight.  This seed blend can grow in any region in North America.  Planting instructions are on the back of the card with germination taking up to six weeks.  This set is 100% tree-free from the Daphne Bush in Nepal (a plant that regenerates from the root) and contains as minimum of 50% recycled content.  Awesome!

About Of the Earth:  Husband and wife team, Kevin and Lori Graham, founded Of the Earth in 1995 in Seattle after the many compliments they received on their own handmade wedding invitations.  This couple is committed to an environmentally responsible workplace and focused on using recycled and/or recovered materials.  Check out the rest of their company’s paper seed Thank You cards here!

Kids Seeded Thank You Cards

List Price:  $10.80/10 pack

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