Reindeer In Here Has National Parenting Center Shelfing Elf For This Stress-Free Alternative!


Reindeer In Here Has National Parenting Center Shelfing Elf For This Stress-Free Alternative!


Grownups start planning for the holiday season way before the leaves change and the Halloween candy has been distributed. The National Parenting Center just announced one more thing to consider for anyone with tots awaiting the arrival of Santa. Last year’s Black Friday bestseller, Reindeer In Here, has just won the 2018 Seal of Approval for a less stressful holiday experience! What parent couldn’t use that?

The coveted Seal of Approval program by The National Parenting Center focuses on helping parents tackle the challenges and enjoy the many rewards of parenting. No time is more overwhelming than Christmas planning, shopping, wrapping and cooking, so who needs to move a mischievous elf around the house before the kiddies awake every single day?

For those ready to change things up,” begins the glowing review by The National Parenting Center, “Reindeer In Here offers a cute, loving and stress-free alternative to help you celebrate the magic of Christmas throughout the month of December.”

Created by a Dad, the Reindeer In Here book and plush “magically” arrive in early December, setting the stage for a new yearly Christmas tradition.  It’s the child’s very first gift of the holiday season from Santa — and can return year after year.  Read part of the delightful 2018 Seal of Approval review, below:

“Parents couldn’t wait to embrace a new, positive and refreshing tradition. The reasonably priced kit comes in a beautiful box and includes a book introducing the Reindeer tradition to your children, as well as the cute Reindeer plush. The plush is a good size and struck parents as being of a great quality, which meant that it could last through several Christmases.”

Reindeer In Here can be found at many specialty stores including Hallmark and Learning Express. To find a neighborhood store nearby, simply click on their online Store Finder map at There is also a limited supply available on Amazon. ($32.99)


About The Author/Creator:  Adam Reed never had any intention of becoming a children’s book author. Before his daughter was born in 2015 and he became a dad, he had a dream. In it he heard a voice tell him two things: “write children’s books,” and the title of what would become his first book, BEE IN THE SEA.

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