KSPtabs Mixed Flavor Box of 8 (Holiday Gift Recommendation, Health for Parents) (Local Austin, Texas)

KSPtabs Mixed Flavor Box of 8 (Holiday Gift Recommendation, Health for Parents) (Local Austin, Texas)

Replenish Your Kidneys.

I looked forward to trying the KSPtabs.  Not only is this a local company to me, after reading the website, it was nice to know that I’m not alone in feeling water logged with drinking 8 glasses of water per day yet still feeling dehydrated!  KSPtabs are a dietary supplement that helps promote hydration while keeping your kidneys replenished with natural stone inhibitors.  Check out co-founder (and fellow Austinite) Kent Metschan‘s amazing story regarding his daily use of KSPtabs to combat kidney stones here

Anyone who suffers from dehydration can benefit from these electrolytes and with them being all-natural it’s even better.  Beet juice is used to color the berry tablets and riboflavin for the key lime.  To bind the tablets together they use avocado oil.

What Makes KSPtabs effective?

Based on an all-natural concept, KSPtabs is formulated to combine Citrate, B6, and Magnesium into a premium quality effervescent tablet. KSPtabs naturally help to reduce the amount of crystal-forming substances, ideally reducing your chance for kidney stones by improving the health of your kidneys.

Dr. Trotter, who created them, has found so many other positive benefits for them besides kidney health.  For example, the tabs can be used daily for pre and post workout hydration.  Not able to drink the full 8 glasses of water per day?  Stay hydrated with these.  The convenient tubes are great on the go and can easily be added to water at restaurants and sporting events.  On vacation and walking 10 miles per day at Disneyland?  These tabs will be a lifesaver to quench your thirst!  Think of these tabs like a sports drink BUT without all the sugar, artificial coloring, excessive sodium, and other junk you’ll find in there.  Personally, I feel I have benefited from taking KSPtabs daily and feel much more hydrated and healthy.  I highly recommend.

One box of KSPtabs Mixed Flavor contains four tubes of very berry (40 tablets) and four tubes of key lime (40 tablets). Each tube of KSPtabs contains 10 tablets.  Monthly subscription services are available through https://www.ksptabs.com.

Discount Code! 
Use coupon code “MB-12” for 12% off items when you purchase at www.ksptabs.com. Offer is good until 1-03-2019!


KSPtabs Mixed Flavor Box of 8 (Holiday Gift Recommendation, Health for Parents) (Local Austin, Texas)


List Price: $ 59.95

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