Dream Pets Perfect Holiday Gift

Dream Pets Perfect Holiday Gift

Inspired by the 1950’s iconic Dream Pets, these fun characters are back and here to stay! Designed with children’s creativity and comfort in mind.

With the holiday shopping season in full force, it’s a smart idea to start shopping and checking some things off the list. Shopping for your kids at the last minute always leads to an overwhelming and stressful experience, so why not avoid that?

The adorable plush toys from Dream Pets are the perfect gifts for little ones this holiday.  Dream Pets characters are soft plushes that are unique and have their own dreams on each of their character cards, making it easy for kids to collect them all! Some of the most popular characters include, Murphy Mouse, who dreams about hosting a cheese party, Pinkie, a dog who dreams about opening a beauty school for ladybugs, and Rusty Racket, a raccoon who dreams about going to ballet school!

The brand also offers Dream Puffs, which are mini keychain plush characters, perfect for your child to hook on their backpack and bring anywhere. Both products are now sold on Amazon, which makes your holiday shopping done with a click of a button!

Dream Pets returned in 2018 as a re-imagined collection of plush toys inspired by their vintage counterparts. Originally created by R. Dakin & Company in the mid 1950’s, Dream Pets were initially sawdust-filled plushes (WOW!) that were used as packing materials designed to protect a shipment of toy trains. After becoming unexpectedly popular, the line expanded into proper plush with thousands of characters available. By the mid-2000s, Dream Pets had been swept up in the usual pattern of toy company mergers and acquisitions, eventually falling dormant… until now.  The of the 50’s and 60’s are back as a snuggly line of collectible plush! LOVE!


List Price: $ 17.99

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