Un Pequeño Libro Sobre Sentimientos, is now officially on sale!

It’s HERE!

Note from Momma’s Bacon!

This is a share of a recent press release of one of my FAVORITE companies I fell in love with back in 2012!  In fact, I am going to link to my old review on the original product review I wrote on the English version, My Feelings Activity Book {Hardcover} (Suggested age: 3-8), here: https://mommasbacon.com/2012/03/21/product-review-my-feelings-activity-book-hardcover-suggested-age-3-8/ via @mommasbacon.

It’s always exciting to see companies with intentional family products succeed and The Mother Company’s books and Ruby’s Studios series is a wonderful endeavor.  I’m so pleased it’s now on PBS for all to enjoy!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Our new bilingual book about feelings,
Un Pequeño Libro Sobre Sentimientos,
is now officially on sale!

Countless studies show that when you give young children the words and appropriate ways to express their big feelings, they lead happier, healthier and more productive lives. This book aims to do just that, reaching across language barriers to connect children through their common experience of emotion.
Buy Now
We are also thrilled to announce that
Ruby’s Studio: The Feelings Show
is now available in Spanish.  The show will be airing on American Public Television this coming season and available for download on iTunes and in our shop.
Click to Download
There are so many things that make us happy, we could go on and on!  


The Mother Company


With the goal of Helping Parents Raise Good People, we offer expert resources and products based in social & emotional learning for kids & parents!

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