Shopping For Stocking Stuffers, Dreidel Prizes And Hostess Gifts Is A Snap With These Collectible Cuddly Characters

What do you call a marshmallow-soft, squishy animal pillow? Any consumer that has walked down the aisles of Michaels Stores or CVS can tell you it’s Moosh-Moosh. Since launching this year, more than three million cuddly characters have been sold! Snuggle, squish or stack ‘em, they are addictive in a happy childhood kind of way! Moosh-Moosh makes the perfect December present for stocking stuffers, dreidel game prizes or an under-the-tree surprise.

Since launching in February 2018, these soft plushies have expanded from a palm-size 4” Clip-on ($5.99) to a huggable 7” Regular ($9.99) to the ultimate 10” Large ($14.99). Unlike your bed pillow, these oh-so-soft friends have adoring eyes and ears to comfort or accompany kids throughout their day.

Best sellers Crush the Shark, Midnight the Cat or Chunky Monkey are just a handful of the wide assortment of endearing personalities that kids (and adults) will want to hug and squeeze. Your holiday gift will be adored for years to come.

Shop for over 72 styles online at Moosh-Moosh.com and good luck picking just one! These addictive cuties are a hot seller at neighborhood Staples, JOANN Stores, AC Moore, and Party City. Traveling by plane this season? Stop into select Hudson News airport stores and discover an array of Moosh-Moosh characters.

With the popularity of Moosh-Moosh everywhere, the Holiday 2018 Collection has expanded with ooohs and aaahs such as Sequin Plushies that change color with a swipe of the hand. Christmas-themed plushies resemble an elf, a snowman, a reindeer and even Santa.

As kids receive an allowance or Christmas cash, wrap up a Moosh-Moosh Bank with Sound that holds up to $100 in coins. Watch as a child plunks two quarters into the slot and is rewarded with a Meow! Or Roar! The endearing animal plush “talks” with each deposit. The sound activated plushies measure 6” x 7” and look adorable on a bureau or bookshelf.

Need more gift ideas?

How about Moosh-Moosh slipperz! Treat the feet to super softness and a whimsical look that everyone in the room will smile upon. Cat? Shark? Bat or Pup? There are more than a dozen characters waiting to be wrapped up and snuggled.

Give the gift of warmth and practicality with a combo Moosh-Moosh Hooded Blanket and Slipperz — to be sold at Walgreens starting in November. Keep little heads, shoulders, knees and toes covered with the softest fleece. The Hooded Blanket ($24.99), with its own endearing “eyes and ears” comes in six characters including Panda, Pug, Shark and Dino.

Moosh-Moosh is already a hit in Canada, Great Britain and Europe. The 100% polyester bedtime buddies are popular on social media channels Facebook and Instagram. Facebook fans have written in, “Love them! They’re so soft and squishy! Trying to collect as many clip on ones as I can!” and

“They are super cute and soft plushes. I received the corgi one as a gift and it’s amazing!” Sometimes one word says it all as in, “I just love them, I think they are sooooo cute.”

Take a picture and tag them with the hashtag #mooshmoosh. Be sure to sign up on their website homepage for a free newsletter offering specials and plushie news from around the world.


Behind the Moosh-Moosh logo is a caring company that donates plush buddies as need arises. A Kindergarten teacher in the Washington, DC area was looking for an educator discount to buy her 28 students plushies for reading circle. Imagine her surprise when Sean Price, VP of Business Development and Marketing for parent company MMG Brands, shipped her two dozen soft friends!

A bigger shout out came from Omaha, Nebraska, home of Elliott’s Hoedown for ATCP. After learning about the A-T Children’s Project, MMG Brands donated $11,000 worth of toys! The Midwest charity creates awareness for A-T (a rare, inherited disease that affects several organs and systems, including the nervous and the immune systems) and funnels donations to Johns Hopkins’ A-T clinic in Baltimore, Maryland.

ABOUT MMG BRANDS:  MMG Brands, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, creates the trend! In business for over 30 years, this dynamic sales and marketing manufacturer monitors and assesses retail product trends and uses this information to create desirable and fast-moving consumer merchandise. This is accomplished via an expert in-house design and marketing team, combined with over three decades of manufacturing, importing and logistics experience.


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