Leadership Is a Life Skill: Preparing Every Student to Lead and Succeed (Paperback)

Leadership Is a Life Skill: Preparing Every Student to Lead and Succeed (Paperback)

Leadership Is a Life Skill provides the blueprint to develop leadership as a school-wide focus, which will yield ongoing benefits to individuals and to communities. Launching young people on a lifetime of effective leadership is a game changer.”—Dr. Julia Link Roberts, Mahurin Professor of Gifted Studies at Western Kentucky University

Go beyond basic leadership training and transform your district, school, or classroom into one where leadership is built into the foundation. Beyond academic knowledge and technical skills, it’s often our ability to lead that brings success. Award-winning youth leadership expert Mariam G. MacGregor believes all kids can be leaders, not just those who hold traditional student leadership positions such as class president and team captain.

Emphasizing learn-able skills, this book’s leadership approach is rooted in social-emotional acuity and character. The benefit? A more positive school culture with students who see their own leadership potential and are prepared to succeed now and in the future, whether they go to college or directly into the workplace. Includes digital forms with activities, planners, and surveys.

About the Author:  Mariam G. MacGregor, M.S., is director of Employee Engagement and Organizational Strategy at TCU and a nationally recognized leadership consultant who works with schools (K–12 and higher education), nonprofit agencies, faith groups, and communities interested in developing meaningful, sustainable leadership efforts for kids, teens, and young adults. Mariam lived in Colorado for many years, where she served as the school counselor and coordinator of leadership programs at an alternative high school and received honorable mention for Counselor of the Year. She also worked with college student leaders at Syracuse University, Santa Clara University, Metropolitan State College of Denver, and Texas Christian University (TCU), and was the youth volunteer trainer for Night Lights (a respite care program that serves families of kids with special needs) and EPIC Mentors (a program started by one of her sons at his elementary school that pairs peer mentors with kids with learning challenges). She currently lives in Texas with her husband and three kind kids. Learn more about Mariam at mariammacgregor.com.

About Free Spirit PublishingFree Spirit publishing has an excellent motto of ‘Meeting kids’ social and emotional needs since 1983’ and they have the catalog to back up this mission.  There is so much good stuff on their website, that I really just encourage you to check it out and see what might interest you.  I personally like their free Professional Development webinars, especially the webinar on Preparing the Next Generation of K–12 Student Leaders by Mariam G. MacGregor, M.S.  For those looking for some great early education empowerment books, check out the author Elizabeth Verdick who has a great series called Toddler Tools.

ISBN: 978-1-63198-248-4, $ 23.99

Audience: Administrators and teachers of grades K–12

Trim Size: 7.25″ x 9.25″, Page Count: 168

Digital Content: Includes sample schedules, lesson plans, activities, discussions, parent letter, classroom management chart, and customizable surveys, one for elementary and one for secondary students


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