Ways That Schools & Parents Can Transform Body Image for Girls

Ways That Schools & Parents Can Transform Body Image for Girls

Beauty Redefined explores this critical issue by looking at beauty from a cultural, biological and historical perspective and provides solutions on what we can do on a collective and individual level to redefine what it means to be a beautiful woman

When young women are exposed to the media, they see gorgeous models with flawless skin and slim figures. So it’s no surprise that new numbers reveal female body confidence is on a steady decline. According to life coach and columnist Seline Shenoy, we have reached an ideal time in history to truly transform the way we view women—and the way women view themselves.

“The awareness efforts and feel-good beauty campaigns do not sufficiently address the underlying issues inside one’s psychological makeup,” says Shenoy. “Governments and schools need to create programs that are focused on altering behaviors, viewpoints, and values. Only then can we can collectively transform our distorted and skewed perception of beauty forever.”

In her newly released book, Beauty Redefined, Shenoy discusses:

  • Eight applicable steps that will ignite the Beauty Revolution
  • Four effective ways for schools to become a part of the “beauty battle”
  • How mandatory high school and college programs could guide older children to discover a stronger self-worth
  • Think outside the “therapy box:” The benefits and rewards of local support groups for women struggling with self-image
  • Parenting Workshops: How to conduct them to breed a new generation of confident individuals
  • Media Responsibility: Four changes the media can make to create a more welcoming and accepting society

Since I focus my posts for parents, the author provided the below advice on for a new generation of confident individuals for my readers!  Enjoy!

How to Feel Beautiful from the Inside Out

By Seline Shenoy

With the burgeoning of the beauty, fitness and cosmetic surgery industries, women now have an abundance of opportunities to take control of their appearances—by either enhancing or changing things about themselves with which they aren’t satisfied.

However this explosion of options in the beauty and fashion industry has caused many young girls and women today prone to having strong bouts of insecurities about their looks and how they are perceived by others. They’re also strongly inclined to deriving a dominant part of their identity and self-worth from their physical appearance.

In our quest for physical perfection, we should ensure that we aren’t doing it because we don’t feel good enough and we want to cover up our perceived inadequacies. Beauty treatments, makeup and fashion should enhance the inner beauty that lies with you. It shouldn’t define you.  Authentic beauty is all encompassing-it’s not just about how pretty you look or how in shape you are but it’s about your character, morals and the compassion you show towards others. You have to be willing work on developing yourself as an individual and cultivating your inner beauty just as much (if not more than) as your outer beauty.

To make this new perspective on beauty easier to understand, I have created a fictional persona of a woman, called a True Beauty (TB). She exemplifies the new standards of modern-day beauty, which include her belief system, ideologies, and personal values.These are the ten characteristics that define a True Beauty. I believe if every girl and woman aspires to these ideals, she will radiate beauty from the inside out.

1. A True Beauty is not defined by her size or body type.  For the longest time women have felt pressured to conform to a specific body type, shape, or size to be considered attractive. The reality is that women come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. A True Beauty does not obsess about changing the things about her body that cannot be changed. She channels that energy toward becoming healthy and giving her body the care and nourishment it needs.

2. A True Beauty develops her intellect and personality.  A True Beauty knows that her character plays an integral role in the persona she projects into the world. This influences her to give priority to enriching herself through constant self-development and personal education.

3. A True Beauty is proud of her ethnic heritage.  Gone are the days when beauty was defined by a certain skin color,facial feature, or body type characteristic of a specific race. A True Beauty draws on these modern values of cultural diversity and isn’t ashamed or self-conscious of any of her pronounced ethnically defined features. Whether it’s her freckles, large luscious lips, eye fold, or curly long hair—she accepts all of it and is proud to represent her unique heritage.

4. A True Beauty is driven by her aspirations, hopes, and purpose.  A True Beauty lives with a strong sense of purpose in her life. She does not allow herself to simply go through the motions and live aimlessly without a sense of who she is and what she wants to accomplish in the world. She has clarity about her goals and a compelling vision for her ideal life, which she proactively pursues on a daily basis.

5. A True Beauty is not intimidated by the aging process.  Many women struggle with the process of aging because they fear their physical beauty will fade away. True Beauty, on the other hand, accepts the inevitability of the aging process with a sense of peace. She doesn’t resist or fight it and, because of this attitude, she ages gracefully..

6. A True Beauty wants to make a difference in the lives of others.  A True Beauty is always looking for opportunities to add to the lives of people in a positive way. She may wish to touch the lives of the people within her own family, community, country, or even the world.

7. A True Beauty is understated.  A True Beauty is not desperate or needy for other people’s validation.She is self-assured because she is already convinced of her value as a woman. Her beauty is understated,honest, and genuine because it is grounded in a strong sense of self and respect.

8. A True Beauty practices self-love.  A True Beauty makes her self-care regime a top priority. She protects her emotional health by building healthy boundaries in relationships and friendships and never allowing other people to mistreat or disrespect her. She speaks to herself with love and kindness and does not beat herself up for making mistakes.

9. A True Beauty demonstrates compassion.  A True Beauty exudes empathy, kindness, and shows real concern for others. She’s not afraid to express her natural feminine and nurturing traits. She is inherently curious about those she meets and takes a sincere interest in their lives. She is also secure enough to offer them genuine compliments. Her aim is to make others feel special, as opposed to trying to get others to make her feel the same way.

10. A True Beauty defines her own standards of beauty and lives by them.  A True Beauty is not concerned about the general consensus of what is considered to be attractive and unattractive, or what’s trendy and not so trendy. She sets her own standards of beauty and defines her own unique style. She makes the best of what she has and does not feel the need to prove her worthiness or value to anyone.

SELINE SHENOY, author of Beauty Redefined, is a podcast host and life coach who focuses on personal empowerment, self-esteem, productivity, and wellness. As the founder of The Dream Catcher, a blog community that encourages people to live their ideal life,Shenoy’s inspirational message has been attracting thousands of people worldwide since2014. She is a regular contributor to a variety of publications including Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Elite Daily,Project Happiness, and Global Love Project.

“Don’t waste any more time living in a state of despondency because you don’t match up to the shallow standards of mainstream attractiveness,” says life coach Seline Shenoy, author Beauty Redefined. “This is your life and only you have the power and capacity to make it one amazing journey!”

Beauty Redefined (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-1787108042, Austin MacAuley (May 31, 2018)


List Price: $ 11.95 (Available on Amazon)


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