Star in the Jar (Hardcover)

Star in the Jar (Hardcover)

The discovery of a precious fallen star leads to a difficult decision for a brother and sister in this warm-hearted picture book about friendship and selflessness

“Every word in this picture book makes the story richer as it builds to a powerful conclusion. Please take a moment to read The Star in the Jar aloud and I promise you won’t be sorry.” — Steve Geck, Editorial Director, Children’s Books

When a little boy finds a twinkling star that has fallen to Earth, he and his sister aren’t sure what to do. So the boy decides to keep it, putting it in a jar and taking it with him everywhere. But that night, the boy looks up into the inky sky to see a celestial message spelled out:

One Small Star

The siblings know they must try to return their new treasure to the sky, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. The idea of parting is bittersweet, but the boy soon discovers that instead of losing a treasure, he might just be gaining a friend…

This warmhearted and enchanting bedtime story celebrates the rewards of true friendship.

About the Author:  SAM HAY worked in newspapers and for BBC Television in London, before packing it in to move to Wales and write her first children’s book. Since then she’s published 30 books. She lives in Wales. Visit her at

About the Illustrator:  SARAH MASSINI worked as a children’s book designer. She lives in Sussex, England.

Star in the Jar (Hardcover) by Sam Hay

978-1-4926-6220-4 | September 2018

$17.99 | 3+

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