Back-to-School with Edushape + expert advice       


Back-to-School with Edushape + expert advice

Getting your child school-ready…what do you really have to do? 

First, the best way to prepare your child for pre-school or kindergarten is to establish routines since he or she may be getting up earlier than normal. Gradually introduce an earlier bedtime if necessary and have the schedule in place a few weeks before schools starts. Second, it’s important to keep your child interested in learning, even over the summer when school is out. This ensures that no time is lost when class is back in session!

Expert Advice from a Pediatric Occupational Therapist

According to Aimee Ketchum, a pediatric occupational therapist, “You can guide your child’s play with toys that promote school readiness such as fine motor skills, gross motor skills, visual skills, and even early STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Edushape’s puzzles, toys and games provide the early learning skills necessary to support the child in the classroom and lay the foundation for future academics.”

Edushape Fish ‘N Spell Fishing Set ($14.11)

Fish N Spell makes bath time a letter game as toddlers go fishing for letters for hand eye coordination and letter recognition. Toss the “Wet and Stick” letters into the water, attach the bait, cast your line and see what you catch.Use your creativity along with your child’s to invent games to encourage hand eye coordination, creativity, team work and language and spelling skills.

Edushape Magic Shapes ($12.09)

Magic Shapes…they’re magnetic! Let your imagination run wild. Small pieces featuring magnetic edges stay together allowing you to build tall and high. The platform included in the set makes it like doodling in 3-D! Also great for developing gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and Logic & Reasoning.

Edushape is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year while continuing to create toys that will educate, inspire and entertain generations of children to come.  Edushape remains true to its mission of viewing the world through a child’s eye.

Back-to-School with Edushape + expert advice

List Price: $ 12.09 – $ 14.11 (Available on


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