New Playground Tech in Austin Gets Kids Excited to Play Outside (Local Austin, Texas)

New Playground Tech in Austin Gets Kids Excited to Play Outside (Local Austin, Texas)

As parents send their kids back to school, they’re also planning after school activities to keep their kids busy and active. With Austin’s year-round warm weather, cut the after school cartoons and head outside to a local smart playground for an interactive play session with your kids.

Biba, a company capitalizing on the smart playground movement to decrease screen time and get kids outside, recently installed smart playgrounds here in Austin. To play any of Biba’s mobile games (apps) – including its recently launched Hotel Transylvania: Crazy Cruise game to follow along the movie series – the parent always holds their smartphone and the child runs back and forth to interact with games/characters on the screen and complete scavenger hunts, races, etc. on the playground. Augmented reality markers are attached to playground equipment (slide, swings, monkey bars, etc.) and function like QR codes to unlock new content, activate mini-games and more when scanned by the parent. 

The parent-child interaction encouraged by Biba games not only creates valuable memories, but also encourages moderate to vigorous physical activity on the playground – something that’s much needed as studies show children today are less physically active and spend less time outdoors.

Biba games can be played on any playground, but they work best on playgrounds with our augmented reality markers installed: markers which can unlock new content, activate mini-games and reveal treasures when scanned. No special equipment required – just download the app and go!

Click below to download any Biba games – and hit the playground for fun family playtime!
The two Austin locations for Biba’s smart playgrounds are:
  • Booker T. Washington park905 Bedford St. Austin, TX 78702
  • Meadowbrook Apartments park1201 W Live Oak St. Austin, TX 78704

Let’s get outside, get and ! Biba are the perfect way for kids and parents to enjoy the together, and they are fun too!


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