Disco at the Disco: The rhyming picture book about disco music and culture. (Kindle Edition)

Disco at the Disco: The rhyming picture book about disco music and culture. (Kindle Edition)

Rhyme your way through this kid-friendly disco trip!

The kick drum plays four-on-the-floor boom boom boom boom. But what does that mean? Do you know which instruments you hear in disco music? Which one goes “BOOM” and which one goes “Ts”? Put on your flashy clothes and dance the funky chicken as we explore the culture, rhythms, and sounds that make disco so unique.


This book is great for learning about different instruments and the culture and fashion of the 1970s. Dance and sing along and travel back in time to discover the music that helped people find belonging under the big ball of colorful light!  Make the sounds of the instruments, such as the kick drum and hi-hat, while doing the bump to the four-on-the-floor rhythm pattern. Hand painted artwork captures the style of the 70s with patterned clothes and backgrounds. Colorful fashion and characters immerse children in the fun, carefree, and diverse culture of disco music.

The book is a fun rhyming way for children to learn about different instruments, rhythms, and sounds as well as about self-expression and acceptance.  There are accompanying songs, videos, and activities on the author’s website including an animated peak at things that were happening in the 1970s to influence disco music.  DY-NO-MITE!!!

About the Author:  “I’m a creative at heart. I love music, painting, dancing, animation, writing…well you get the idea. I’m also a music teacher so I find great joy in seeing children learn and discover new things. I think music genres offer an exceptional way for children to be introduced to music, history, and various cultures. If we think about music genres, blues, bluegrass, jazz, polka, they all formed in a certain time in history and reflect various cultures. Classical music is awesome and I write about it. However, I think most genres have something wonderful to offer.  I use the books and additional songs and videos on my website to share this with children and adults! Reading books and then singing and engaging with the content makes the experience even more memorable. When we can share in, and understand, the history and culture of others, we are more likely to work together like a beautiful symphony.” — Cherie Sola


Disco at the Disco: The rhyming picture book about disco music and culture. (Kindle Edition)


Age Range: 4 – 8 years Grade level: Pre-K – 2nd

Hardcover: 26 pages Publisher: Musically Trained Language: English

“Disco at the Disco” hardcover can be purchased at www.musicallytrained.com/shop

List Price: 4.95 (Available on Amazon)

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