SABRE’s 5 key products for campus safety featured at the MTV Red Carpet Style Lounge

SABRE’s 5 key products for campus safety featured at the MTV Red Carpet Style Lounge

Empowering people to embrace a safer lifestyle through sharing safety tips, statistics, and trusted products.

SABRE, the leading self-defense brand, is shined a spotlight on campus safety at the MTV Red Carpet Style Lounge, on June 14.  1 in 5 women will experience some form of sexual assault in college (Krebs, 2016), and 75% of women feel unsafe walking home to their dorm or apartment (Her Campus Personal Safety Survey, 2018).
SABRE featured 5 key products for campus safety:
  1. Pepper Gel Kit — Perfect for building confidence, this set comes with Sabre’s industry-leading, maximum strength pepper gel formula, inert practice gel, target, and free training video. ($19.99)
  2. Personal Alarm with LED Light —  Featuring a discreet and secure clip, the personal alarm can be heard up to 600 ft away and the LED light ensures visibility on walks after dark. ($14.99)
  3. Personal Alarm with Key Ring — Anywhere their keys go, they’ll be protected with this 120 dB alarm that can alert bystanders up to 600 feet away. ($9.99)
  4. Pepper Spray with Quick Release Key Ring — From the parking garage to the hallway, this spray can be accessed even when the keys are in the ignition or door. ($11.99)
  5. Drink Test Kit — Test for the presence of GHB and Ketamine in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Compact, discreet, and easy to use. ($9.99)

“The MTV Movie & TV Awards is an amazing platform for us to reach university students and arm them with the tools and knowledge that will empower, protect, and build their confidence​,”​ said Nance.
A Safe College Experience

The SABRE College Safety Program provides personal defense training to help students stay safe both on & off campus.

Products are available at the SABRE website:

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