Introducing Hammer Head® – the World’s Only Protective Swim Cap

Introducing Hammer Head® – the World’s Only Protective Swim Cap

New Patent-Pending Swim Cap Technology Incorporates Honeycomb Impact Technology;First Major Safety Innovation in Swim Cap Design in More than 100 Years

Hammer Head® Swim Caps – a new U.S.- designed and manufactured swim cap is set to keep head safety top of mind for hundreds of thousands of competitive and recreational swimmers, triathletes and kids learning to swim across the country. The first major safety design innovation in swim caps in more than a century, the Hammer Head cap looks and feels like a standard issue silicone swim cap but incorporates new, patent-pending HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology™ designed to help absorb the shock of impact from collisions with the pool wall and other aquatic athletes.

“You might not think of swimming as a contact sport but it absolutely is,” says David Burns, president of Martha Burns Swim Schools, a 20-year veteran swim coach and co-founder Hammer Head Swim Caps. “Watersports actually account for 30 percent more visits to the hospital emergency room than hockey, lacrosse and rugby combined. If you’ve ever seen, or participated in, a crowded swim club practice pool, swim meet, synchronized swim event, swam backstroke or competed in a triathlon you know exactly what we’re talking about. It’s not a matter of if a swimmer will hit their head, it’s when and how hard.”

Burns says the Hammer Head Swim Cap is here to help. First conceived four years ago, the Hammer Head has been tested in the pool by all kinds of swimmers and coaches during its initial prototyping stages. The result is a dramatic evolution, if not revolution, in swim cap design that adds the first ever impact reduction technology to a cap and re-engineers the fit for greater comfort, ear protection and reduced drag in the water.


Hammer Head Swim Cap Features:

  • HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology™ – layer of honeycomb “pillars” located on the inside top of the cap designed to help absorb and dissipate the shock of impacts with pool walls and other swimmers.
  • TEKFIT™ – evolved hydrodynamic cut that eliminates top of cap wrinkles and in turn reduces cap drag in the pool; also covers swimmers’ ears to reduce the chance of swimmers’ ear infections from the constant in and out flow of water.
  • Premium silicone fabrication – looks and acts like a traditional silicone swim cap.

Like all great innovations, Hammer Head started with an ah-ha moment. In 2013, Burns, president of the Martha Burns network of swim schools was coaching a swim team practice when two swimmers, his eight-year-old daughter and another 14-year-old athlete, independently hit their heads on the pool wall while performing backstroke finishes. David remarked that swimmers should have helmets and the idea for Hammer Head Swim Caps was born.

Burns is joined at Hammer Head by co-founder Theresa Finn, a sports brand marketing and business development executive with a young competitive swimmer of her own who experienced head injury in the pool. Together they formed Mako International LLC, parent company and manufacturer of Hammer Head Swim Caps.

“Of course, the business potential for Hammer Head is tremendous,” says Finn, “but we launched Hammer Head to meet a very real need. So many other sports have a heightened awareness about head injuries and an appropriate response to it, yet swimming has lagged behind. Until now that is. If we can raise public consciousness of head injuries in the pool and the need to protect swimmers and athletes, we will be thrilled.”

Manufactured in the United States for Mako International LLC, Hammer Head Swim Caps is now available for purchase at with swim store availability to follow. Hammer Head Swim Cap MSRP is $34.95 with price break discounts for swim teams, clubs, coaches and organizations purchasing caps at volume.

For more information visit or like Hammer Head Swim Caps on Facebook.

Hammer Head Swim Caps

List Price: $34.95

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