Mood Boost Anxiety Relief Supplements by Lifted Naturals (Health for Moms)

Mood Boost Anxiety Relief Supplements by Lifted Naturals (Health for Moms)

Feel Better. Naturally.

I’ve been very open about my struggles with terrible anxiety that came out of nowhere after I had my first child.  Post-partum depletion is real and many women need to check their vitamin and mineral levels to help lift their mood and reduce stress.  Post-natal vitamins should be just as important as prenatal vitamins, and yet in our society we don’t seem to concentrate on women’s health once the baby is born.

I get it, I’ve been there – lack of sleep, nutrition and regular showers take a back-seat to baby feeding and getting to work on time because those darn 6 weeks of un-paid maternity leave goes by way too fast and momma’s got to make the bacon to pay the mortgage.  The thing is – when I talk about the importance of ‘post-natal’ nutrition, I’m not just talking about a few months after baby the baby is born…..women can struggle with anxiety and depression for YEARS after giving birth and it could be due to vitamin and mineral levels that don’t normalize through diet.  I learned the hard way that my Vitamin D levels were scary low and my doctor told me I could drink two gallons of milk a day and sit in the sun all day and it wouldn’t do any good!  WOW.

While my Vitamin D levels are now in a normal-ish range, I still deal with anxiety and take supplements and try to eat a healthy diet to help.  It’s not easy because I get busy or overwhelmed with day to day things (babies become preschoolers, etc.) and sometimes eating a bowl of cereal for dinner seems easy.  Ha!  I have found that not all supplements are created equal and the two items I need are high levels of Vitamin D and magnesium.  That is how I found a wonderful supplement by Lifted Naturals when checking out items on Amazon that said it naturally lifts and improves mood while calming stress and anxiety.  Yes, please!

I don’t believe there is such a thing as a magic pill, but I could tell within a week of taking this supplement that I had increased energy and a lighter mood.  When something works for my stress, I like to share!  I have also been taking the company’s probiotic with this supplement, so I’ll include a link to that below.  The instructions say to take the supplement with a large meal and I believe the probiotic also helps with digestion. Side note, I highly recommend you get blood work done to check your vitamin levels if you are having anxiety issues in case you need to pinpoint any specific severe deficiencies.  Lifted Naturals is a wonderful supplement, but there could be cases (such as my crazy Vitamin D deficiency o’ old) where a (in my case, temporary) prescription could be warranted.  Stay healthy and happy, my friends!

  • MOOD BOOSTING SUPPLEMENT: Naturally lifts and improves your mood while calming stress and anxiety
  • MAGNESIUM AND ZINC: Targeted mood stabilizing magnesium pills with zinc sulfate help calm the mind
  • VEGAN AND NATURAL VITAMINS: Natural lichen based Vitamin D and immune boosting antioxidant Vitamin C
  • DEPRESSION AID FOR MEN & WOMEN: Calming aid helps to improve focus while reducing stress and fatigue
  • EASY TO SWALLOW VEGGIE CAPSULES: Non-gmo, gluten, soy, and dairy free anti-anxiety pills

Psst!  Check out Lifted Naturals Mood Boosting Probiotic, too!  Read up on the science that ties anxiety to the health of your gut.  Wow! 



Mood Boost Anxiety Relief Supplements by Lifted Naturals (Health for Moms)

List Price: $ 16.88 per bottle

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