This Build or Boom kids game is great for Boys AND Girls!

This Build or Boom kids game is great for Boys AND Girls!

Parents and educators are learning that it’s important to let boys and girls explore and figure out what they want to be and how they contribute to the world, without gender stereotypes or filters. In play testing we found that Build or Boom does just that.

The best part of this game is the educational benefits masked as fun. Build or Boom helps reinforce STEM skills such as analytical thinking and shape recognition. In addition, eye-hand coordination and deductive reasoning help build foundational skills.


The big boss is looking for the best builders in town! Step in line and see who can be the first to bring the blueprint cards to life. Build your structure quickly yet carefully on your platform. Then SMASH your boomer to send your opponent’s structure tumbling. There’s only room for one builder in this town… do you have what it takes? Or will you get boomed on your way to the top?

Helps build STEM skills such as analytical thinking and shape recognition.

Unique game play that doesn’t need batteries!

High-quality components with bright, vibrant colors.

Game Contents:

  • 4 Boards
  • 4 Blocks
  • 4 Triangles
  • 4 Arches
  • 4 Cones
  • 4 I-Beams
  • 4 Barrels
  • 2 Builders
  • 30 Blueprint Cards
  • 2 Platforms
  • 2 Boomers
  • 2 Air Hoses
  • 1 Card Holder
  • Complete Instructions



Download the Instructional Manual


Goliath Games, LLC is based in Plano, Texas and is one of the top game manufactures in the United States. Games include Pop the Pig, Doggie Doo, Rolit and Domino Rally.  Goliath Games was established in 1980, and remains one of the few family-owned and run businesses in the world of toys and games.

List Price: $ 19.97

For 2 players. Ages 4 and up.


Available at Wal-Mart and Barnes and Noble

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