Nourish: How to Heal Your Relationship with Food, Body, and Self (Paperback)

Nourish: How to Heal Your Relationship with Food, Body, and Self (Paperback)

“Food is Love (But Don’t Eat Too Much!)” Eat less. Eat clean. Avoid these foods. Eating is a life-giving pleasure, but confusing messages from the diet and nutrition industries may leave you wondering what to eat.

The statistic is startling: close to 95% of people who diet will eventually gain the weight back, plus more. This has had little to no impact on the $60 billion diet industry as every day we hear about a new trend or fad in dieting. And while the conversation of mindful eating is gaining steam, it’s clear that dieting continues to be the most popular method when it comes to losing weight. Most diets tell people what to eat, as opposed to teaching them how to connect to their inner wisdom and life experience to make decisions about food, physical activity, and ultimately self-care.

Do you find yourself: Eating food that doesn’t nourish or energize you? Munching mindlessly or emotionally? Flipping between feeling “good” and “bad” about your eating? Thinking about food and your body more than you’d like? Discover how to trust your body, and to eat with love and common sense. Learn how to: eat without deprivation or overeating; accept your body and trust its wisdom; deal with setbacks, destructive thoughts, and self-defeating attitudes; create healthy habits to nurture yourself; and ditch dieting so you free yourself to live a life you love.

Author, nutrition therapist and registered dietitian Heidi Schauster knows what it’s like to have a struggling relationship with food. As a young dancer she battled bulimia, food restriction and binge eating. Her recovery twenty five-years ago led to her life-long passion of helping others get past obsessions with food, self-criticism, and negative body image. In her new book, Nourish: How to Heal Your Relationship with Food, Body, and Self (Hummingbird Press, March 2018) Heidi shares over two decades of wisdom on disordered and emotional eating that will guide anyone struggling to transform their eating from self-control to self-love.

Topics covered include:

  • The 10 steps to heal your relationship with food, body and self
  • Why aiming to lose weight gets in the way of having a healthy relationship with food
  • How being in touch with your feelings and needs will help you to eat better
  • How to shed the rigid social norms of nutrition and the harmful eating cycles that many adhere to in order to identify a mindful relationship with food
  • “Spot-clean eating:” what it is and how it’s an alternative to “clean eating”
  • Why the nutrition and health industries seem to contradict each other
  • How research shows that involvement in dieting empires such as Weight Watchers increases the likelihood of a lifetime struggle and the risk for eating disorders· Her personal struggle with eating, self-control and body image and her important message to all young people out there

Nourish will guide you to transform your eating from self-control to self-love, using a 10-step healing process. In this book, Heidi Schauster, MS, RDN, CEDRD-S, founder of Nourishing Words Nutrition Therapy, shares 20 years of wisdom from her Boston-area practice in disordered and emotional eating.

About the Author:  Heidi Schauster, MS, RDN, CEDRD-S is a nutrition therapist with over 20 years of experience in the field of eating disorders and emotional eating issues. She is a writer, consultant, and certified eating disorders registered dietitian, based in the Greater Boston area. Heidi is the founder of Nourishing Words Nutrition Therapy. She facilitates the No Diet Book Clubs and supervises other nutrition therapists in the field of eating disorders. Heidi lives in Arlington, Massachusetts with her partner David and twin daughters, Ava and Kyla. Heidi and her family enjoy hiking, swimming, herb gardening, tea-making, story-telling, and professional stilt performing. Heidi enjoys most food that is lovingly and consciously prepared, especially if it’s followed by a dish-washing dance party.  For more information on Heidi and her book, please visit,

Nourish: How to Heal Your Relationship with Food, Body, and Self (Paperback)

List Price: $ 16.99

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