Kat Writes a Song (Hardcover)

Kat Writes a Song (Hardcover)

Kat the kindhearted kitten has a great big song to share in this adorable new picture book from author and illustrator Greg Foley.

I have made it to the parenting phase where my older daughter (a soon-to-be 3rd grader!) is now realizing that I am a bit of an embarrassment to her.  Ha!  Yay, I made it!  I’m a car singer and on our morning drives to school I used to turn up the radio and sing.  I say ‘used to’ (past tense) because her sudden – yet adamant – protests that, “Mom, that is embarrassing!” were messing up my morning mojo, so I had to make an adjustment to help the both of us.  Now as soon as I walk her to her gym door in the morning and get back in my car I blare the music as loud as I can and sing at the top of my lungs before starting my work day.

Music has always been my thing.  I love lyrics and if you follow my blog I’ve probably mentioned that I am a singer-songwriter who only plays my guitar in-house.  Ha!  However, back in the day in the mid-90s, I would write music and play in a band in high school.  Sometimes lyrics would come to me so fast, it was hard to write the words down.  Other times, I’d be stuck with a tune and struggle to make the ‘magic’ happen.  My music was always tied into my teenage angst emotional feelings and there was an end goal in mind – to feel better!  That’s right, no matter if I felt angry, sad or just silly – the words I’d write and sing for others seem to validate those times and it made me happy to be able to share.

Why am I talking about my love of music in a children’s book review post?  AHHHH – well, it’s very simple.  The latest book by author and former Austinite, Greg Foley, is about a song-writing cat named Kat.  Kat is writing a song to ‘make everything better’ and my girls have been requesting I read and re-read the book every night since we got it.  See, what my older daughter may not realize is that the little songs she writes and sings bring so much joy to me and one day, if she wants, she can share her love of music with her own child.  That child will probably be embarrassed by her singing when they reach ‘a certain age’, but one day Brooke will find that as equally amusing as I do – and it will not deter her from kicking up the jams and letting the music fill her heart.  Yay!

It was a gray and rainy day. Kat was stuck indoors.
She was sad because she had no one to play with.
“I’ll write a song! That will make me feel better,” Kat said.

Kat writes a song to make things better on a gray and rainy day. After perfecting her magic song, she sings it out loud, and to her surprise, the rainy clouds go away! Kat is so pleased that she goes around her neighborhood singing her magic song. Will her song be able to help her friends too?  A great read-aloud for parents and little ones to share, this sweet story proves that music has the power to bring friends together and let the sun shine through.

About the Author:  Greg Foley grew up in Austin, Texas, and attended the Rhode Island School of Design. An award-winning author and illustrator, he now designs and creative-directs VisionaireV Magazine, and VMAN and lives in Greenwich Village, New York. He is also the author and illustrator of Willoughby & the Lion, Willoughby & the Moon, and Kat Writes a Song.

Kat Writes a Song (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 14.99

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