4 Ways to Support Student Activists with Free Spirit Publishing


4 Ways to Support Student Activists with Free Spirit Publishing

How to Help Young People Make a Difference

I try to raise my children to be analytical thinkers and develop their ideas through filtering conversations and doing their own independent studies to help develop sound assumptions.  As an analyst, I appreciate flexibility in thought to have healthy discussions and debates to understand different perspectives. I am aware that circumstances and culture affect legislation and I try to bring insight of my experience to my children so they learn how to ask questions and do their own analysis to ultimately form conclusions on issues that are important to them.

It is easy to get cynical about ‘what-looks-like’ money-driven politics and be stuck in a mindset that becomes a barrier to change to a societal focus of well-being for all citizens.  It is important to know that advocates have a powerful voice to shed light on topics that affect laws and processes.  In that respect, youth have a fresh perspective to bring their ideas to the table to create an effective social movement that affects politics.  Older generations have a beautiful opportunity to mentor students with their wealth of experience on issues that are important to all of us.  Thomas Jefferson himself said, “The care of human life and happiness … is the only legitimate object of good government.”  I believe there can be a consensus to where laws and resources reflect the needs of our citizens in this country and that we can adjust those things, as needed, over time.  If the majority of citizens work together, are involved and aware, and take action as a community, we are able to achieve this common goal.

Free Spirit Publishing recently came out with an article that included some wonderful posts to help parents and teachers guide and support young activists which I found helpful as a parent to young children.  Everyone has opinions and the idea is to nurture children to form their ideas in a constructive way and take action that has a purpose to see results.  Changing culture can be a slow and difficult process, and the path to a cause can be filled with setbacks, but that is why it is important to instill hard work and ‘grit’ in youth.  When you work hard at something you enjoy and believe in, it doesn’t feel like work and sustaining momentum in important causes is what leads to comprehensive change for all citizens.

I am using this post to share Free Spirit Publishing’s blog posts that focus on how to support student activists below.  Read, Enjoy and ACT!

From the Greensboro sit-ins in 1960 to the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement and, most recently, the gun reform movement led by survivors of the Parkland school shooting, the passion of youth activists has been a powerful force of influence in the US. Use the resources below from the Free Spirit Blog to guide and support student activists as they make their voices heard.


Educating middle schoolers about historical events and relating those events to current social justice issues may help trigger in students a yearning to learn more and become engaged. Here are a number of ideas for students to let their voices be heard and become active members of their communities.  Read the full article…

Rebel with a Cause: How to Guide the Middle School Activist

There is no minimum age or grade level when it comes to participating in our democracy. These ideas provide ways students can use their voices and become engaged citizens.  Read the full article…

How to Help Teens Make Their Voices Heard (Even If They Can’t Vote)

The 2018 midterm elections present an opportunity for teens to get involved even if they can’t yet vote. Share this list with the teens in your life to help them take action.  Read the full article…

8 Ways to Help Teens Take Local Action on Global Youth Representation Issues

Like it or not, contentious political discussions are probably going to happen in your classroom this year, even if you’re a math teacher! When they do, how will you react?  Read the full article…

How to Mediate Contentious Political Discussions Among Students

4 Ways to Support Student Activists with Free Spirit Publishing


Pictures and blog posts courtesy of © Free Spirit Publishing.

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