Two Biggest Toy Trends -Unicorns and Potty Humor– Come Together For Squeezable Twistable, Stretchable Fun

Two Biggest Toy Trends -Unicorns and Potty Humor– Come Together For Squeezable Twistable, Stretchable Fun


I have not met a kid yet who doesn’t like SLIME.  Sure, you can make it home-made, but can you make a magical mythical ‘slyme’ that comes out of a unicorn’s nose?!?  I know my girls well and as someone who hosted a Rainbow Unicorn Princess birthday party last year (FOR BRIE!), I knew they would love Mythical Slyme.  Yes, I was right – a mother always knows best – and unicorn boogers, sweat, POOP & tears is now a common phrase in my home!

If you’ve got kids in the house, you’ve probably have conversations with the words (warning – graphic) snot, boogers or poop. Potty humor was one of the biggest trends noted at this year’s American International Toy Fair, the annual gathering of the toy industry. Also trending in the Top 10 list were Unicorns and Mermaids. Tactile compound maker Mythical Slyme is on trend with their 2018 catalog full of stretchy, gooey putty tins of Unicorn Boogers ($13.99), Unicorn Tears ($13.99) and glittery pink Unicorn Poop ($13.99).

Slime and putty toys offer something different for kids who enjoy messy sensory play. (The main difference between slime and putty is that slime dries out and is stretchier while putty never dries out and tends to be firmer.)

Like jumping into a puddle, kids adore the opposite of staying tidy and clean. Sensory play allows children to utilize and understand all five senses. It builds their creativity and learning through exploration. Playing with slime encourages the development of fine motor skills and coordination! And like the popular fidget toys and spinners, slime is kinda addictive for folks who like to fiddle so don’t be surprised to see this at workplaces on adults’ decks, too! Some happy fans have reported that having a bit of slime in their hand helps them concentrate and focus. When play is done with Mythical Slyme, the gooey mess goes right back into the tightly-capped tin.

Unlike homemade slime, Soap Bubble Slyme is glossy, not sticky, and easy to clean off of hair and carpets, which moms love. It also can stretch impossibly thin until it’s as or buckets clear and iridescent as a soap bubble – that’s before you pile it up on a table and give it an ultra-noisy, satisfying squeeze to pop all the air pockets! Make sure to store the tins flat and not slanted so the putty doesn’t get into the closure. For clear colors, make sure hands and surfaces are clean since they pick up dirt easily. They also tend to leave a bit of residue since they are so soft. The opaque colors are tougher and need less TLC to stay pretty. The clear colors will return to clear and glossy if you let them sit in the tin after playing. The pink one can make farting noises if you press your fingers/fist into the bucket quickly. These slimes have incredible stretch – try standing up and letting them stretch out like creating a pizza crust and see how big and thin it will get before breaking.

Pssst. Don’t tell the kids but Mythical Slyme is a division of New York-based Idea Glue, LLC who boasts being “the finest purveyor of mythical slymes and putties.”  Founded by serial entrepreneur Lana Li, the compound business is meant to be whimsical as evidenced by their founding of a secret society for the preservation of Unicorns! Visit the Instagram profile,, where they showcase colorful tins of wholesome slime. Her inspiring messages return childhood to where it should be – magical, mystical, adventurous!

A unicorn doesn’t stand around and worry about what others unicorns think of it.  It just sparkles. — Instagram by Mythicalslyme

ABOUT MYTHICAL SLYME: Once upon a time, a tribe of believers decided to save the magical unicorns from extinction. But how? A bake sale simply wouldn’t do.So they enlisted headhunters for the highest-powered help of all: the unicorns themselves. Generously donating their blood, tears, and dreams, these unicorns united for a shared vision of a future where the magical beings could roam the earth once again.Kids and grownups are invited to join in the quest. This secret society for the preservation of Unicorns in their natural habitats can be found on Facebook at or at their website

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