Nut-Free, Gluten-Free, Organic Foods. We get it. We have a nut allergy, too.

Brie loves having her power bars as a nutritious and easy snack, but we have to be careful of only purchasing nut-free options so she can take bars to school.  We recently discovered a really cool company that makes a nut-free version of the classic chocolate chip granola bar that is so delicious!  In fact, that make an entire line of nut-free energy bars and soy butters made in nut-free facilities and are non-GMO certified organic.

Nut Free Foods for Nut Free Kids and the World Around Them!

Nut free “We are parents of a child with a life threatening food allergy.”

Most preschools and daycares are now nut-free due to many children who have life-threatening nut allergies.  While our daughters are not allergic to nuts, we adhere to being nut-free for school snacks, play dates and even parties offsite and we do not even miss not including nuts.  The anxiety and challenge that parents face who have children with nut allergies is stressful and by creating an environment where hyper-vigilant parents do not have to worry about the food being served is actually quite simple to do and it is much appreciated by children, parents and caretakers.  It helps that we have been able to find great resources for nut-free food alternatives and Don’t Go Nuts food was created by parents with a daughter who has a severe nut allergy.

Don’t Go Nuts is available in three delicious USDA certified flavors:

  • Gorilla Power (granola bar with chocolate chips)
  • Whitewater Chomp (granola bar with white chocolate chips)
  • Blueberry Blast (granola bar with blueberries)


Brie’s favorite nut-free power bar is definitely Don’t Go Nuts Gorilla Power Bar.  It tastes like a classic chocolate chip granola bar and made with brown rice, oats, chocolate chips, cocoa, soy and natural sweeteners, flavors and extracts and all certified organic.  The bars come in different count boxes and we have supplied a 12-count box for a recent field trip and it was a huge hit for the kids and parents.  Bob and I like being able to provide safe, delicious and healthy foods for all the children in our daughters’ classes and Don’t Go Nuts is a wonderful company that lets us adhere to the nut-free facility needs of their school!



Local Austinites!  Look for Don’t Go Nuts products at Central Market and at the Sunrise Minimart on W. Anderson.

Watch.  Check out Don’t Go Nuts Field to Fingers process here!



List Price: $ 17.88/ 12 count

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