Penguin & Tiny Shrimp Don’t Do Bedtime! (Hardcover) (Local Austin, TX Author)

Penguin & Tiny Shrimp Don’t Do Bedtime! (Hardcover) (Local Austin, TX Author)

This title will be released on May 8, 2018.

Penguin and Tiny Shrimp will charm, amuse, but never put you to sleep in this meta bedtime tale in the vein of Goodnight Already.

Cate Berry, local Austinite, has a debut picture book Penguin & Tiny Shrimp Don’t Do Bedtime!  (Balzer + Bray | HarperCollins Publishers) that is on sale May 8, 2018!  Berry’s hilarious book captures the essence of nighttime with little ones who do not go to bed and it’s sure to be a big hit for fans of Jory John’s Goodnight Already! and Mo Willem’s Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!   THIS book is full of CRASH BANG BOOM EXCITEMENT, DARING ADVENTURES, INCREDIBLE ESCAPADES and features illustrations by the amazing up-and-coming artist, Charles Santoso.

Penguin & Tiny Shrimp definitely do NOT have a bedtime story to share with you (kids are loving this whole meta thing, right?).  There are no soft beds or cozy covers here. There are fireworks! And shark-infested waters!!  Their imaginations just run wild but if we’re lucky, it just might wear them out! The exuberant personalities of our little pajama clad friends jump off the page and into our hearts in this engaging read that kids (and adults) will adore.

This book will never make you sleepy. Not at all. Not even a little. . …..

My girls and I look forward to many more books from our fantastic new local author, Cate Berry!

About the Author:  Cate Berry is a seventh generation Texan, splitting her time between the kitchen and the living room. She is a recent graduate of the Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA program in writing for children and young adults. She currently lives in Austin with her husband, their two children, and their kitten, Chopin. Although Penguin and Tiny Shrimp will try to convince you otherwise, Cate is an ardent fan of bedtime. Penguin and Tiny Shrimp Don’t Do Bedtime is her debut picture book. You can visit Cate online at

About the Illustrator: Charles Santoso (Chao) loves drawing little things in his little journal and dreaming about funny, wondrous stories. He gathers inspiration from his childhood memories and curiosities he discovers in his everyday travels.  He has illustrated several picture books, including I don’t Like Koala – written by Sean Ferrell, Spy Guy: The Not-So-Secret Agent – written by Jessica Young, Peanut Butter & Brains – written by Joe McGee, Ida, Always – written By Caron Levis and The Snurtch – written by Sean Ferrell.  He worked at Animal Logic as a concept artist/art director and was involved in various animated feature film and tv commercial projects.  Charles Santoso’s work has been exhibited in Sydney and also internationally in North America and France. He currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia.  Visit to see more of his work.

Penguin & Tiny Shrimp Don’t Do Bedtime! (Hardcover) (Local Austin, TX Author)

List Price: $ 17.99

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