Wild Is Everywhere by Sara Lovell ~ Sweet songs for Earth Day and Mother’s Day!

Wild Is Everywhere by Sara Lovell

Sweet songs for Earth Day and Mother’s Day!

Imaginative, thoughtful and loving tunes from one of the clearest voices in family music. ‘Grab onto the tail of someone’s kite’ and journey through a musical landscape filled with surprise visits from large animals to disco-dance parties to adventures in the wild-ness that lies just outside your door.

Sara Lovell, an award-winning songwriter and producer known for “imaginative lyrics, sparkling harmonies, intriguing musical layers” and “a voice rich in both purity and nuanced detail,” will release her second all-ages music album Wild Is Everywhere, on April 20 (Unbreakable Chord Music/ distributed by Burnside Distribution). With a wide range of topics and musical styles, these 14 original songs journey through a landscape populated with flying children, misplaced animals of a certain size, and insects or flowers that turn up in the most unexpected places.

From the Sgt. Pepper’s inspired first track, “Get Up,” where listeners are invited to “grab onto the tail of someone’s kite,” the excitement and mystery builds and expands song by song. Wordplay and a vivid fantasy life are apparent with the funky “Rhinoceros under the Bed” and “Raspberry Pickleberry Wormnut Pie.” Blues, disco and funk inflect “Bounce,” “Stand Together” and “Where You Hiding All Day Long?” Every child will recognize the unfairness when “All the Grownups Get To Stay Up Late” and the impatience of “I Want It Now,” showing that Lovell understands the big feelings that live in all of us.

At a time when it can be a challenge to find good news, Lovell reminds us in the songs of Wild Is Everywhere, that joy and imagination are no small offerings. “When we allow curiosity to take hold, it widens our perceptions letting us envision the world we want to see.” As she says in the playfully creepy song, “The Dark Side of My Room,” it’s important to acknowledge: “Oh, I know, I can be a hero in my dreams / Oh, I know, I will see the light in every scene.”

Sara Lovell’s first album for families, You’ve Got Me, won a 2016 Parents’ Choice Gold Award and national critical acclaim. Songs like “Dance Like There’s Music in Your Pants” remain YouTube and radio hits. In fact, her animated and live-action music videos have attracted fans from around the world. Belarus artist Anna Silivonchik, created the colorful album art for You’ve Got Me and Wild Is Everywhere.

A songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer with a clear, strong voice and a wide-ranging musical repertoire, Sara Lovell is also a solo mom to an imaginative eight year old who loves to paint his face and dance in front of the mirror. In her home studio in Berkeley, CA, Sara continues to follow the lead of the myriad characters that show up in her songs and stories. She collaborates with producer/arranger Monica Pasqual and guitarist/engineer B.Z. Lewis to create her kid-friendly recordings. Lovell plans to release new music videos and perform concerts for children and their families this spring. Visit www.saralovell.com for updates.

Sara and special musical guests will celebrate the album release with an all-ages concert at the East Bay Community Space in Oakland, CA, on Saturday, April 28. 

Wild Is Everywhere Track Listing:

  1. Get Up
  2. Rhinoceros under the Bed
  3. Raspberry Pickleberry Wormnut Pie
  4. Stand Together
  5. Bounce
  6. Pie in the Sky
  7. The Dark Side of My Room
  8. All the Grownups Get To Stay Up Late
  9. What Color Is the Sunshine
  10. Where You Hiding All Day Long
  11. I Want It Now
  12. How To Love Yourself
  13. The Problem Song
  14. Wild Is Everywhere

Wild Is Everywhere by Sara Lovell


List Price: $ 12.99

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