Spring Baby Shower Gift Ideas from Tommee Tippee!

Spring Baby Shower Gift Ideas from Tommee Tippee!

Tommee Tippee® is one of the fastest growing baby bottle brands in American and the most awarded baby bottle brand based on US National Award Winners 2016.

The Tommee Tippee name has been associated with sanity in our household.  I thought I knew about acid reflux with our older daughter, but I soon discovered what acid reflux really meant with my younger girl. On top of a prescription for liquid Axid and other remedies (holding Brie up 30 minutes after meals, sleeping in an incline, etc…), we also sought out and started using Tommee Tippee bottles for acid reflux.  I have completely associated their name with bottles so when I saw their new must-have for baby this spring I had to pass the info on to my readers!

Are you looking for ideas for an upcoming baby shower? Tommee Tippee, the baby brand behind the award winning Closer to Nature bottle, has a range of must-haves for babies, including bottles, pacifiers, and tableware.


Advanced Anti-Colic Bottle from Tommee Tippee ($ 26.99 for 3-count)

The new Advanced Anti-Colic Bottle is proven to reduce colic, providing relief to both parents and baby. The bottle also includes a heat sensing stick, which turns pink, when the milk is too hot for baby.

Newborn Pacifiers from Tommee Tippee ($ 7.99 for 2-count)

Newborn Pacifiers have a symmetrical design to help support oral development for your 0-2 month old baby.

18-36 month Fun Style Pacifiers from Tommee Tippee ($ 5.99 for 2-count)


18-36 month Fun Style Pacifiers come in a range of colors and designs, making them the perfect paci for toddlers.

Easy Scoop Feeding Bowl from Tommee Tippee ($ 5.09 2-pack)

Tackle mealtime with ease with our Easy Scoop Feeding Bowl. These bowls have an easy-scoop triangular base and stackable design.

Soft Tip Feeding Spoons from Tommee Tippee ($ 7.49 5-pack)

Soft Tip Feeding Spoons are super soft to protect baby’s gums and easy to hold. They’re the perfect accessory to the Easy Scoop Feeding Bowl.


Spring Baby Shower Gift Ideas from Tommee Tippee!


List Price: $ 5.09 – $26.99

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