Awesome (Non-candy) Last-minute Easter Basket Gift Ideas!

Awesome (Non-candy) Last-minute Easter Basket Gift Ideas!

Easter is less than 2 weeks away.  After Halloween it is the second highest day for candy consumption. The stores are filled with all kinds of Easter candy. Yet as Americans become more healthy, many are looking for alternatives to traditional Easter candy.  This year I almost dropped the ball on special (geared towards educational) items to get for my girls, but luckily I have a list of ideas and I’d like to share with my readers!

Here are some awesome (non-candy) last-minute Easter basket gift ideas for you:

  • Chameleon Kidz has a new Stationery Set (now ON SALE at for just $4.99) called Blendy Pens that creates amazing custom color blends!  This is an awesome gift for little artists like my daughter, Brooke.  This set is fantastic to bring on your upcoming summer trip, for rainy day indoor play, Arts & Crafts and gifts.  I can’t wait for my daughter to find Blendy Pens on Easter morning!  I think I need to get a set for me. (Ages 4+)

  • Circuit Scribe‘s Mini Maker Kit is just $9.99 (Age 8+) and is a wonderful introduction to making circuits.  Want a cost-effective STEM gift for your child’s Easter basket?  Look no further!  Power your doodles with the enclosed Circuit Scribe conductive ink pen, 5V power supply battery, LED and dimmer, circuit stencil and mini steel canvas.  An informative inventor’s booklet adds to daydreaming.  Another bonus for Austinites like me:  Circuit Scribe is a LOCAL Austin, Texas company!  Yay!

  • Top Trumps (Home of the world’s number 1 educational card game) has four new STEM-themed card decks that play the same as the other 60+ decks in the line, ranging from Marvel and Harry Potter (content written by J.K. Rowling) to (Brooke’s favorite) Mischievous Cats or Creatures of the Deep. Top Trumps is fondly remembered in the UK from its original heyday in the playgrounds of the 1970s and 1980s and making a comeback now! These are fun & educational gifts, great for travel and just $7.99 per deck!  (Age 7+)

  • Whiffer Sniffers (a favorite of my younger daughter, Brie) introduces two new scent-tastic Series each year. This year, Series 6 of its scented plush backpack clips are available now for just $7.99 each. Willy Hyde is the Easter character this year and smells JUST LIKE EASTER CANDY, but without the sugar!  You can purchase Whiffer Sniffers in mystery packs for a chance to find Rare characters and gold bags for Super Rares.  Fun! (Age 3+)

Happy Easter 2018!

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