Static Schmatic Anti-Static Spray (For Families!)

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Static Schmatic Anti-Static Spray (For Families!)

Winter is here and that means one thing (ok, it means a lot of things, but it means this thing, too…) STATIC CLING.  UGH.  The worst invention ever.  OK, so it is NOT actually an invention  – is atmospheric electricity – so it happens in nature…..but you know what I mean!  It stinks.  I have frizzy curly hair so my entire body (clothing and hair) is like one shocking (literally) mess!  I’ve rubbed free and clear laundry fabric softener, etc. etc…and well, I hate putting FAKE stuff on me, so I just figured if all my other natural remedies didn’t work…that was it.  Well, I am not eating my words thanks to Static Schmatic!

Static Schmatic currently has TWO static cling sprays for purchase; one for hair and one for clothes.  Both are AWESOME, ALL-NATURAL, and made in the USA.  I find myself ‘borrowing’ Brooke’s anti-static spray because of one thing; the VANILLA essential oil.  Heavenly scent that keeps the flyaway hairs RIGHT where they BELONG.  Awesome.

Static Schamtic Anti-Static Spray Deets:

  • 100% natural, no harmful chemicals
  • 5 ingredients you can read
  • No scent. No build-up. No residue.
  • Won’t make your hair oily
  • Guaranteed to work

What?!?  Momma’s Bacon has the SCOOP!  Static Schmatic is coming out with a pet formula, which is also great for moms of furry family members (like us!)

Static Schmatic Anti-Static Spray (For Families!)

List Price: $ 22.99 (Two Pack-Hair Anti Static Spray)

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