Katrina McGhee Launches her first ever Women’s Self-Empowerment courses to help strengthen women in the workplace and in life

Author and motivational Speaker Katrina McGhee officially launches her new Self-Empowerment course for women across the country and worldwide to help better strengthen and empower themselves

One of the most popular and current media headlines is about women not being treated fairly in the workplace, no equality and sexual harassment. Somehow society has allowed way too many women to lose their identity and their self-empowerment.  Author and motivational speaker Katrina McGhee has seen this issue first hand. As a leader in women’s health and wellness for the last 20 years, she’s been at the forefront of educating and equipping women on how to take charge of their health.

McGhee’s main mission now has become to help women take back control of their lives. In her book “Loving on Me” she teaches women the importance of taking care of themselves and reminds them the importance of self-love.  But this is only the first step to empowering women.

That is why McGhee launched her first ever Self-Empowerment course from the Loving On Me Academy based off her book.  The course launched online January 2nd. The course will take women on a step-by-step path to regain themselves and their place in society as leaders and entrepreneurs. They are designed to help women take charge of their lives, establish priorities, and create the balance they seek. I’ll send you more on the specific steps later, but this course is the first in a series to empower women be leaders in every aspect of their lives.

The first course is available at NO COST to women everywhere to help them take that first step with no risk to show them what they can become.  5 Steps to Get in the Driver’s Seat of Your Life is an online video course that will show you in simple, easy steps how to take control of your life, and keep it.

Participants create a 30-Day Empowerment Plan that teaches them how to –

  • How to choose your priorities based on your personal values
  • How to create a life-plan to activate your authority
  • How to release the guilt of trying and failing to do it “all” at one time
  • How to combat the fears and self-doubt we all face when taking control of our lives
  • How to create a support system that affirms your authority and keeps you in charge of you

About Katrina McGhee:  As a part of my passion to empower others, I speak, teach and provide strategic advising services for some of America’s favorite charities. Reading it may be just the spark you need to begin your own journey of transformation. Finally, in January 2018 I’m excited to announce the launch of Loving on Me Academy, your home for professional development with practical application. Our courses provide actionable strategies that allow you to immediately maximize your impact. Check out our upcoming spring course listing for ways to invest in you. www.katrinamcghee.com

The courses are available at www.lovingonme.com

What do you do when you don’t know what to do, but you know it’s time to do something different?

You feel it. Those yearnings from the depth of your soul telling you it’s time to make a change. The status quo is no longer enough. You want more for your life than just going through the motions, and you deserve it. It’s time for you to live—fully, completely, and abundantly. The question is how?  Through a series of powerful life lessons inspired by Katrina McGhee’s personal journey of transformation, you’ll discover how you too can embrace faith, release fear, and experience the fullness of life for which you were designed.

Loving on Me!: Lessons Learned on the Journey from MESS to MESSAGE (Paperback)


List Price: $ 11.99


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