New Caspar Babypants Album “SLEEP TIGHT!”

New Caspar Babypants Album “SLEEP TIGHT!”

Chris from the Presidents of the USA doing simple sing along music for babies and kids and parents to sway and enjoy in this cluttered world.

I consider myself lucky to always get a heads up from Chris Ballew (Presidents of the United States) when he comes out with a new Caspar Babypants album.  He is one of my favorite kindie artists that my children love.  His songs are always fun and sweet and something I know we will enjoy all the way through (gasp!).  What else can you ask from an album?  Nada.

I know I talk a lot about ‘night time’ albums… and it is true, we listen to a lot of music right before bed and even during bedtime for the kiddos.  My oldest daughter has a CD player (yup, still CDs used here!) in her room and she has to turn on music to fall asleep.  Pretty cool.  So, when Chris sent me the latest album entitled ‘Sleep Tight!’ of specifically children’s music for bedtime, I said, YES!  We all said YES (even Bob, who is a hard one to win over, is now one of Caspar’s fans!)  Now, maybe because I’m such a Caspar Babypants NERD by now, I seem to recall that ‘Sleep Tight’ was going to be the original title of his first lullaby album (called ‘Night Night’) back in 2015.  As a pseudo-musician myself, I am constantly playing with lyrics and shelving ideas for later, so when I saw the name of this new lullaby album, I felt like I had a bit of déjà vu.  Let me promise you, though, that after listening to this album on repeat, this is a completely different yet just as tender night time lullaby album for families!

“Sleep Tight” is a fantastic 14th album from his last “Jump for Joy!”.  There is something about the high and low nature of the Caspar Babypants albums I dig, it’s like you have to go from jumping around to sleepy time with each addition to his collection.  If you have small children like I do, it’s sort of like repeating your child’s day if you listen to the albums back to back.  This new album is all about relaxation that is mixed in with shoegazing qualities of synths and drum machines.  It’s like Cocteau Twins for children and since they’ve grown up around all sorts of music courtesy of Bob and I, they were both into the mellow sounds. I love when Chris mixes traditional music with new lyrics, so I am a fan of “Cozy” and “Does the Moon Hang Low?”.  Brie loves “First Star” and “All of Your Life”, which is fun and flow-y for my preschooler.  It may be Caspar’s 14th album, but it feels as fresh as the first.  LOVE!

If you live around the Pacific Northwest, check out any upcoming shows in your area on the website. Chris has several upcoming FREE shows! For those of us who live elsewhere (cough, cough), I am always on the lookout for a Caspar Babypants show in Austin. I hope to get lucky this year. In the meantime, he plays free each night on our speakers.

Yeah for lyrics!  All lyrics can be found on this page.

Track Listing:

  1. First Star
  2. Go Slow Sluggy
  3. Just a Kite
  4. Cozy (Trad – CB)
  5. Pale Moon
  6. Another Head Hits the Pillow
  7. It’s Been a Long Day
  8. All of Your Life
  9. Lazy Daisy
  10. Rain and Thunder
  11. Early Morning Early Evening
  12. Sleep Mister Sandman
  13. Does the Moon Hang Low? (Trad – CB)
  14. Lullaby in the Sky

Caspar Babypants Youtube ChannelHere you go!

New Caspar Babypants Album “SLEEP TIGHT!” List Price: $ 12.99

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