PICKmeUP napkins -My Hero napkin set (Holiday Recommendation)

PICKmeUP napkins -My Hero napkin set (Holiday Recommendation)

PICKmeUP napkins are colorful reusable cloth napkins with uplifting messages on them like “You Rock” or “I Love You”.

I think I had a harder time when my older daughter started preschool than she did.  I wrote little notes and drew hearts on her napkins and she loved them. Now that she is an avid second grade reader, I’ve upped my game.  I’ll add notes if I know she may be nervous about a test and I give her snacks she loves for a little boost.  I’ve also always used cloth napkins in her bag and when I heard about PICKmeUP napkins that give uplifting messages to kids during their school day – I was ALL IN!

Add a smile to a child’s day by placing a PICKmeUP napkin in their lunchbox, and they’re fun to use at any meal or snack time!  There are 3 sets of PICKmeUP napkins to choose from that come in a pack of five; My sunshine, My Hero and Fun Picks.  The PickMeUp napkins were a hit with my daughter. I loved the My Hero napkin set for my older daughter Brooke.  I packed different ones in her lunch bag and she she liked to talk about how much she enjoyed the different napkins and I had to make sure I never forgot to add one! This is a lovely and unique gift idea and great value and a great New Year’s resolution to start making your child’s day at school will give her a boost at lunch time.

“It was my daughter’s first day of kindergarten and I wanted to reach out to her in the middle of her first day to let her know that I was thinking of her. PICKmeUP napkins was then born, a product that can add smiles to your day.” Margarete Volpe (founder/owner)

  • 100% cotton – Machine washable
  • Imported
  • Set of 5 cloth napkins – each with a unique design and positive message
  • Each napkin is approximately 10 inches x 10 inches
  • Sewn-in label with space to write your child’s name
  • Designed in Canada
  • 2014 PTPA Winner

PICKmeUP napkins -My Hero napkin set (Holiday Recommendation)


List Price: $ 25.00 (Set of 5 napkins)

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