Viola Vincent Reporting – Underdog (Paperback)

Viola Vincent Reporting – Underdog (Paperback)

According to the Humane Society of the United States, there are an estimated 10,000 puppy mills in the U.S. alone. As of last week, California has taken a large step to help fight against this horrific industry by officially becoming the first U.S. state to ban the sale of dogs from puppy mills.

In response to this important animal welfare issue, award-winning journalist turned children’s author, Anna Kenna offers young readers a relatable way to understand the realities of this industry in an inspiring and fictional children’s story that will bring joyful tears to any reader’s eyes.

In her most recent book, Viola Vincent Reporting – Underdog [Published September 2017], thirteen-year-old Caitlin Nove is on a quest to save a young Jack Russell terrier held captive in a puppy farm. Underdog is the second in the Viola Vincent Reporting series that focuses on investigative journalism to discuss real issues within society.  A chance meeting with Theo and his dog Mac alerts Caitlin to a puppy farm operating in her community. Through her alter ego Viola Vincent, and with help of reporter friend Megan, Caitlin embarks on a mission to expose the cruel trade and rescue Sissy, a breeding bitch chained to a life of misery. Underdog is the second book in the Viola Vincent Reporting series by former investigative reporter, turned author, Anna Kenna – a series, with a journalistic theme, for young people who care about fairness, truth and justice.

Available for review, Underdog offers readers:

  • Information – about the cruelty of puppy farming and the knowledge needed to put a stop to this industry
  • Inspiration – in learning how the power of the people is the biggest force for change in the world and how even a young child can make a difference
  • Knowledge – about the vital role good journalism can play in society and how to find out what is truly happening in the world
  • Empowerment – Helping children to believe in the power of their voice.

About the Author:   Anna Kenna is a New Zealand-based journalist and former reporter for the 20/20 television current affairs program. After a 30-year career in the media, in which she won many awards, Anna now writes children’s books. She has written extensively for the education market and her stories are used in classrooms worldwide.  The Viola Vincent Reporting series explores real issues in society through the activities of fiercely determined young Caitlin Nove. Viola Vincent is the pen name the 13-year-old uses to disguise her secret identity as a rookie reporter for the local paper. There is nothing this kid won’t get her teeth into – especially if someone advises her not to!  Learn more about Anna Kenna at, and connect with her on Facebook.

Viola Vincent Reporting – Underdog (Paperback)

List Price: $ 9.95 (Viola Vincent Reporting – Underdog is now available for purchase in eBook and paperback format through Amazon and other online retailers.)


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